January 2016
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A New Year

I feel as though 2015 ended in a huge explosion of chaos, on every level.  I had so much going on, I described my days as catching my breath.  But instead of a long post on what happened, and how I survived, let’s focus on the fact that I did survive, and here we are: 2016.

2016, I’ve decided, will be a good year.  Not because I expect the world and universe is going to send me all I want and need, but because I’ve decided that I am in charge of my world.  I’m planning to cast aside a lot of negativity, and surround myself with mundane moments that I will turn to joy.  I will laugh instead of cry, love instead of hate, and turn my faults into strengths.

I see a lot of various posts and social media declarations that are very much either “This is the year!” or the sort of antithesis of that, with many people saying they aren’t changing, but instead, embracing themselves.  I think I am in between.  This year is my year. I’m not perfect and there are things that I would like to do in order to better myself.  But I refuse to be down on myself, I refuse to beat myself up if change comes slowly, or even at all.  Instead, I am letting go of what no longer serves me, and embracing the things that will lift me higher.

I guess this is the year where I discover who I am, and where my path is heading.  I posted this to facebook, but everything I am thinking about when it comes to change, and enjoying 2016 is there.  It’s a beautiful article.


From Witch facebook, a page I enjoy. I think this is particularly poignant for me this year.

Of course, in terms of this blog,  which is a touch erratic, it means very little.  I’ll still be posting about my yarn, crochet, knitting, food and all the geekiness that I can.  I’ve got plenty of projects, and a never ending stream of nerdy topics.  Really, the problem is time.  I don’t have enough of it!


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