November 2015
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On the hook…and needles!

I’ve always got a million projects going at once.  One day I will stick to the rule that I have to complete all my current projects before starting a new one.  One day…598ccea52636d4010a456830bd63197dSo my ACTIVE projects at the moment include a custom glove and ear warmer set for a customer, a cute coffee cozy to put up for sale when it’s finished, a number of Christmas presents which I sadly can’t talk about until after Christmas, and a number of squares for two Minecraft blankets for Lilia and Liam.11355800_448759201997697_1859659932_n_medium2

I’m really grateful for my knitting and crochet.  Things have kicked up a bit in the hectic department, and taking moments to just relax with a hook or some needles is really nice.  And I’m really grateful for my customers, because even just a little bit helps.  Plus I feel like I’m sharing a bit of myself with each piece!

Of course with the holidays around the corner, I’m started to feel that pressure.  Last count, I had at least 8 gifts I wanted to make, and while some are easy and small, there’s a least one or two that are more complicated.  But because I love to crochet and to knit, and because I love my friends and family, it’s all completely worth it.  And almost everyone I’m making gifts for are the types that know, and love home made presents, because they know the amount of time, effort and love goes into them.

Though I’m gonna tell you all now.  There’s a lot of cursing too.  But I think my friends appreciate and love that too.

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