November 2015
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Sugar Coma

IMG_2036It’s the day after Halloween, and that feeling of another holiday done and survived.  We aren’t really in a sugar coma- believe it or not, my kids are pretty practical when it comes to candy.  They both know stomachaches suck, and vomiting is worse.  Not to say they ate a lot more candy than I usually allow them, but I would hardly say they overdid it.

Halloween was fun really.  We contemplated skipping pumpkin carving, because the kids hadn’t asked to get it done, but then they did, and so we got last minute pumpkins.  Both were really amused by pulling out the pumpkin’s guts.  Mei wasn’t interested at first, but then she suddenly wanted to help…after I had finished hers.  So we did a two faced pumpkin, but I didn’t get pictures as by that point, my hands were covered in pumpkin.  It was a lot of fun though.

IMG_2042After that, it was relax time.  Mei took a nap, the kids played minecraft.  I got a work out in, and then showered, ate lunch and then spent way too much time doing my make up.  I had no official title for my costume, only an image in my mind.  It worked out well, and in the end I was joking that I was some sort of Druid Warrior Priestess.  Rather fitting, actually.  I wore my chain mail necklace/circlet that I got from the Sterling Ren festival many years ago, and painted a red mask around my eyes.  The color is from Geek Chic Cosmetics- Golden Trio from the Harry Potter set, and line with Very Specific Skill Set.  I threw on a red lipstick, not even sure what brand, and then lined and blended my lips with black- Brotherhood of Crows.  My clothes were from my closet- black pants, shirt and a black corset with gold design.  Finished it off with black knee high boots, and my black cloak.

IMG_2046After some dinner with the in-laws, we went around for trick or treat.  It was a fun year since the kids got to enjoy their cousins, and the littlest was at the age where she could really enjoy trick or treating.  She cycled between “trick or treat” and “more candy?!” but since she’s so young, nearly 3, everyone thought it was adorable.  And really, she was the cutest witch on the block.  I also got quite a few compliments on Liam’s Captain America hat, which made me happy.  While she didn’t go as long as the kids, between the three kids, our haul was impressive.

But now Halloween is done, and our house is full of candy.  I get to spend this week pulling the Halloween decorations (what few I did this year) and starting to throw up some Thanksgiving ones.  But I’m grateful for an enjoyable Halloween with my kids and my husband (who made an attractive Science Officer from Star Trek) and a safe one.

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