October 2015
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FFXIV update


A very witchy lala- Halloween glamour, ftw.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to post anything FFXIV.  Yep, still playing, though we take breaks to indulge in watching Vikings, or some hockey.  I’ve done almost everything in the game- finished the main scenario (which I loved), and all the sides (I think…) with the exception of Alexander Savage, which we’ve only finished A1S.  We’ve been working on A2S for some time now…


Our first victory in A1S as a static. League of Lalafells FTW!!

Our static was doing pretty good, and then our white mage had to leave because of time constraints, and one of our DPS broke a hand or something crazy. We’ve found replacements, but we’re still ‘training’ them and getting back to the chemistry our group had. And instead of all Lalafells, we’ve got a cat in our group now!  For the most part, we’re beating A1S consistently, with that occasional WTF night where it takes us an hour to pull it together (like last night.) Also thanks to all the tank drops, both tanks are super geared on the accessory side, lol.

A1S was hard, but I thought it was fun. A2S is a pain in the ass, if you’ll excuse the language. As a tank, I hate it. So many damn adds, and wave 8 and 9 are just insane.  Right now, I hate this turn.  After we beat it a few times, I’m sure I’ll love it.  Probably. Maybe…

12183816_10153734956252375_8692751914520181763_oIn the meantime, I did some pony farming, and now have all the ponies except Nightmare (though I did finally see a drop!)  I’ve been collecting Minions for Lord of the Verminion, and leveling my Dark Knight, who is at a sad level 54 (almost) at the moment.  And pretty much, that’s it, as we wait for the next patch.  There was such a gap this time.  Dead game is dead atm, and I think a lot of people are just simply waiting for patch 3.1.

As for me, I’ll just keep leveling Dark this week, and working on Alexander savage with my group.  I am looking forward to new content.  New hair!  Flying mounts!  I’m really excited for The Minstrel’s Ballad: Thordan’s Reign.  I was hoping for an extreme the first time we did story mode.  And while there is no DPS check, it’s still supposed to be quite difficult.  AKA…mechanics.  Ahhhhh, it’s going to be so fun.

November 10 is so far away!

Just to keep up the excitement.

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