October 2015

Halloween semi-DIY

Today starts the series of costume wearing for three days for the kids.  Liam has a costume party with his karate class tonight, and then the kids have their classroom Halloween party.  Then there’s Halloween itself.  Today should be super busy- I’m making Halloween cookie cut outs for their classroom party, and that’s time consuming.  And I need at least an hour and a half to get my workout in, because health is important!  Particularly with an influx of sugar cookies and halloween candy incoming.

For the kids costumes, I never have time to make them.  Nor the skill, at least not yet.  I’m aiming to learn to sew better over the next year, but for now, store bought costumes FTW.  Lilia decided she needed to be a cat this year, which was a little surprising after hearing all summer she wanted to be Joy from Inside Out.  After going to the costume store and hating all the cat costumes for little girls, I convinced her leopard would work.  It was cute enough for her growing picky tastes, and I promised to use some of my make up to give her a black nose and whiskers still.

Mei is a witch.  An adorable storybook witch, and I even have a tiny broom for her to carry around.  Way too cute!

Liam decided on Captain America.  He’s been a superhero for the past few years now.  Last year was Thor.  Before that was Spiderman.  He was Mario at another point.  So we got one of the costume kits, opting to not get one of the muscled suits this year.  Scrawny Captain America, ftw.  He has a plastic shield already, but when we tried on the hat…Liam disliked it.  It hurt his nose as it was hard plastic, and really just didn’t look very good.

Crocheted Captain America hat

Crocheted Captain America hat, courtesy of Captain America’s Mom!

Here comes mom to the rescue.  I crocheted up a hat that will work.  Considering this is Central NY, there is always a chance for cold and snow on Halloween.  As it is, the forecast is clear but cold- a high in the mid 50’s I think for the day, so the evening will be colder.  Works out- now his head will be toasty, and honestly, it feels good to add that personal touch to at least one costume!

I used a pattern I found on Ravelry.  The only change I  made was to sew down the wings on the “helmet” so they were flat.  Apparently my kid has a bigger head too, because I had to add a couple more rows before I did the eye holes.  This fits him…and me. He looks cuter in it though.

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