October 2015
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When you spin faster than the world…

You know, it’s actually really hard to keep up with a blog, particularly with three kids and no plan.  Life seems to go from really boring to “omg, it’s really hectic I don’t have time to breathe so don’t mention blog busy.”  The toddler in particularly keeps me super busy.  Lately she takes to doing really crazy stuff, like spinning around the room with a blanket on her head so that she bumps into everything, or trips over her feet, and I end up kissing each little bump.  She doesn’t seem to be dissuaded though, she’s determined to keep spinning…

Custom I did for a customer on Etsy

Custom I did for a customer on Etsy

On top of the kids, and of course, the housework and cooking, I’ve been doing a few other things as well.  I started up a small etsy shop, just to toss out some goods.  I’ve had 2 sales, and am currently working on another custom that I hope to finish by the end of the week.  Along with the etsy stuff, I’m starting to work on Christmas presents for friends and family.  I had hoped to be awesome and make a few blankets (two Minecraft ones for the kids, as well as the CAL one, and one other one that I started…) but that’s probably pushing it.  Maybe next years project.

Crafting can be a sickness, and it’s so easy to get in over your head.  Again, organization would help!  Oh and focusing.  Focusing would be a good thing.

Part of the basement work

Part of the basement work

One of the things that has prevented me from finishing as much as I’d like is I finally decided to tackle the basement.  Oh what a task this has been, but I have to say- I’m proud of myself for doing it.  Right now, it’s about half done- at least on my main focus which was to fill the holes in the floor, and then paint, as well as simply cleaning it, throwing stuff away and making usable space.

Considering that since I’ve had the quarter (I divided the entire basement into fours, and am tackling one quarter

at a time) finished that we set up a love seat, chair, tv and all our old gaming systems, and the kids have been down there almost every day…it’s been worth it all.

I also have the second quarter done, and while it will eventually be a play area/art area for the kids, my new treadmill is there.  Which is another reason I have less hours of free time- I spend about an hour on that thing, trying to get myself healthy and active.

But I’m going to try harder.  Maybe try actually planning posts instead of flying by the seat of my pants.

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