September 2015
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Hook Happenings

I did a ton of squares in the spring.  The Moogly CAL was going quite well for me, at least until I got busy with a few other projects.  I did the next seven square from the CAL, as well as two random squares of my own choosing.  Technically, I’m still ahead at 18 total squares, but I still plan on doing each of the squares in the CAL.  I love learning new techniques, and just about every square has something new.


The Pinwheel Afghan Square


The Springtime Lily Pond Square

My last Hook Happenings post left off around Square #7: The Pinwheel Afghan square.  I was having a bit of trouble with getting the square to be the right size, but after another attempt, I got it right and it turned out quite well.  I was really glad how pretty this one turned out.

After that, I did the square #8: Springtime Lily Pond Square.  Another one that was really easy, but I wasn’t that impressed with it.  Mostly because it didn’t work as well with my color scheme.  The little flowers in the corner were cute though.  But it doesn’t quite look like a Lily pond.


The Celtic Knot Square


A Caterpillar’s Life Square

I decided to do the Celtic Knot Square and make it quite similar in the edging to my previously done Waldo’s Puzzle. This one was really fun actually, and I love the way it looks.  At some point, I’d like to do an entire blanket made of of the two squares.  I live in the North, I can’t have two many blankets, can I?  And again, it’s one of those squares that makes me love my color scheme.

Next up was A Caterpillar’s Life, another alternative square.  This one is really cute, and it surprisingly worked with my color scheme.  It had a new technique (the butterflies).  My butterflies probably look more like Fall Moths, but that’s okay.  It was a sort of fun square to do.

Whimsical Penelopes Merry Go Round Square

Whimsical Penelopes Merry Go Round Square

Spring Burst Square

Spring Burst Square

I headed back to the CAL squares, and did both the #9: Spring Burst Square, and the #10: Whimsical Penelope’s Merry Go Round Square.  Both squares were really quick, despite being a touch complicated with new techniques.  I loved the flower in the Spring Burst square.  I was a bit disappointed in my Merry Go Round square, as I don’t think it was as puffy as it could’ve been.  Looking at the original pattern, I don’t think it’s supposed to be as puffy as I wanted it to be.  It’s still quite pretty, and it’s another one of those squares (as well as the spring burst square) that would be nice as a complete blanket, perhaps in spring colors.

All of these squares really worked themselves out fast.  Most of them, iirc, were finished in a day or two.  Helped that I was more focused at the time.  I have a few more square done, but I think we’ll make that another post! I took a break from squares sometime after these squares in order to work on a very large and pretty shawl, and to start on a second blanket that had a deadline I didn’t make.  Ah well, there’s always Christmas!

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