September 2015
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The end of summer (aka, I’ve been MIA again)

It’s been awhile.  This summer feels a bit like it flew by.  Where I thought I might be ready to blog again, it turned out I wasn’t.  I won’t say I was depressed so much as I was simply grieving and letting myself go through that process.  Instead of writing and dwelling, I got “out” and enjoyed life this summer, as much as I could.

I had a successful garden, though my flower beds are chaos.  We swam a lot, the kids and I and my husband.  We went up to his grandparents former camp, we went to Connecticut and flew to North Carolina for my sister-in-law’s wedding.  We went to a friends wedding, and took trips to Syracuse a few times.  I threw a half birthday party for the kids, and I endured 8 weeks of grand jury duty.

I read a lot, and I crocheted a lot.  We played a lot of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.

So in all, I’d say we were busy, and while the summer started off really awful; everyone but me got really sick the last week of school, I think that it was a really good summer for myself, and for my kids.

What will the Autumn hold?  No idea.  I’ve got a hefty list of projects to crochet and knit for Christmas.  I’ve got a number of things to work on in the house, and prepare the gardens for winter.  In all honestly, I have not touched my mother’s stuff that is now stacked in my garage.  There are health issues I must address, all on top of a new academic year for the kids.  I have a first grader and third grader now, both of whom I swear grew several inches this summer, and one at least is maturing faster than I like.  My baby isn’t a baby, but a toddler (and as much as I hate wishing her years away, I’m over the toddler years.)

But hopefully, I can dedicate myself a little once again to blogging.  I’ll get DoomKitty to poke me more often.  And I’ll poke her, cause she’s not busy enough.  😉

tl;dr?  I’m baaaaack.

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