May 2015
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Spring Summer

I love the smell of rain.  We skipped ahead a little to summer, and May brought little rain thus far.  We are getting some much needed rain today, and that on top of the cooler temps feels really good.

Things sort of faded away with some of the chaos that came in my life.  On April 18, my mother passed away.  It was both expected and unexpected.  She wasn’t the healthiest, and living in a nursing home.  We knew her health was failing her.  However, the way it happened…it was fast and mentally, out of nowhere.  I saw her the Sunday before it all happened, and she looked and sounded a lot better than she had.  Of course the signs were there that her body was giving out.  I suppose in many ways we just hung onto hope.  She has pulled through so many other times, why wouldn’t she pull through this time?

She was only 59.

My bleeding hearts.  Strangely appropriate flowers for this conversation.

My bleeding hearts

I’ve spend the past month grieving and moving on and all the things that come with death.  Life doesn’t stand still though, it doesn’t stop for those of us left behind.  Which is good.

Gardening was only on hold for a week or two, before I resumed cleaning out beds.  I’ve got a good chunk done, and continue to battle the rest.  Things grow so fast, particularly the weeds.

White tulips

White tulips

I love that my spring flowers have bloomed so well again this year. Even in the spring mess that is my yard, they are pretty. And all the blooming seems strangely appropriate for my mood and phase of life that I am in.

Next up, of course, is the veggies. Most of them will be picked up the weekend of the 22nd, so I will have a busy gardening weekend then. A few things need to be put in the ground this week- corn and sunflowers mostly, and I’m looking into working on my pond and patio as well. Adding some decor, more rocks, more flowers (need some water lilies!) and Lilia and I wanted to make a small fairy garden at some point.

White tulips with a hint of purple

White tulips with a hint of purple

So much to do, and enjoying almost every moment of it.  I say almost because a few times I’ve had to battle thorn bushes and while I won the battle, the war is far from over.  And the scars…Ouch! Oh, and the 90 degree days…it’s not fun working in the blazing sun.

Apple blossoms

Apple blossoms

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