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Spring time

It’s so nice to have the weather be warm and sunny again.  While cleaning out my garden beds isn’t exactly fun, there is a zen like quality to it.  It’s hard to focus on anything other than the task at hand, which is really nice, particularly when there’s a lot on your mind.

Half the front garden.  You can see the pile of brush I've pulled, only it's twice that size and there's 2 more similar piles.

Half the front garden. You can see the pile of brush I’ve pulled, only it’s twice that size and there’s 2 more similar piles.

I’ve talked about my gardens before.  A lot of the focus was on my patio area, and my veggie patch.  This year, I’m tackling a bit of the flower beds.  We have a little under an acre.  The front of my house has two flower beds, and the other side has a very large L shaped bed.  Each side of the garage has a small bed, and then there are 3 more beds scattered.  Cleaning these up has been a learning experience, and the past few years when Mei was so little, I didn’t go a great job.

Mulch is also super expensive, so we’ve had a ton of weeds and invasive plants.  It’s been an almost gardening hell.  Throw on the final insult of the borders being really old wood that’s rotting, and I’ve really wanted to just give up.

This year, I should have more time.  Mei is easier to watch, and whenever Lilia is around, I know I have an extra set of eyes.  Plus instead of simply wandering where I can’t see her, she loves chalk so I can also break that out and let her doodle to her heart’s content.

I had a little garden friend!

I had a little garden friend!

So as I clean up each bed, I’m trying to figure out how to go about making things neat and pretty.  I do like a somewhat “wild” look, just not the jungle look it becomes.  Being a SAHM, with only one income limits options.  Anything I do will be done on a “one garden bed at a time” scale.  I need a new border, and mulch for sure.  One of our summer projects with the kids will be DIY stepping stones too.

Some sacrifices might have to be made as well.  Lilia loves the blackberry bushes, but those buggers have thorns that love to scratch up my arms.  And it likes to spread like crazy.  So I’m not too keen on them, though we did make a delicious jam last year with them.

There’s lilies and poppies and bleeding hearts.  Mums…there were actually a large number of mums, and I had to take some out the first year.  Tulips, daffodils and crocuses too.  Carnations and roses.  But there’s a ton of other stuff that I have no idea what it is. Sort of wish the previous owner could’ve written it all down.

There’s some sort of vine that’s a pain in the butt.  There’s also sumac, which drives me nuts.  I cut it down every year, and it returns.  The sumac alone makes me want to destroy the flower beds and replaced them cement.  I will defeat you someday, sumac!

What I'm tackling today...

What I’m tackling today…

Since today is another warm day, I’m looking forward to getting out there again.  I’m tackling the second half of the front garden, which is a disaster.  The neighbor’s apple tree broke in places, and they still have not removed it from our property, so we get to do that.  Plus the dead apples, which wasn’t so bad last year.  Should mean it’ll be bad this year.  The good thing is today is lawn waste day, so all my bins should be emptied and ready to fill.  Which is good, considering I have four huge piles already waiting.  Really wish the village would let me burn some of my waste…

So what’s growing in your garden, and what does your spring clean up look like?

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