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Winter is Coming?

OK, some cool geeky things to share.

Appropriate, since Game of Thrones, season 5, starts this weekend. I’m mixed with emotions. As a book nerd, I’ve been able to separate book from TV. But at some point last season, it felt less “Game of Thrones” and more like “Hey, let’s do whatever we want.” Some of the story deviations were on that border of “Ehhhhh…that just doesn’t work as well.”

Plus, there’s trepidation. I started the series sometime after the release of A Storm of Swords. I’ve had that “fun” of waiting between books. And as a believer that the written word is better than the acted medium, there are just things I don’t want to SEE first, but want to READ first.

That said, my hope is that the story is different enough that it’ll be more about the journey on each medium than the end. Perhaps I will put of the final seasons, though avoiding spoilers would be difficult.

I thought this was both hysterical and cute. I wonder if in 20 years, when our kids look back and know what Game of Thrones is, will they be like WTF? The inside jokes are just so funny.

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