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Musical fun times

Ah, it’s so good to have my two older kids back at school.  It’s back to quieter mornings, just mom and Mei.

My kids are really into “Teen Titans, go!” at the moment.  It think it’s a kid thing, because I recall my sister doing the same, and I probably did as well, but man…kids can watch things to death.  They can also do the same with music.  And while I’m actually sort of glad Mario is on sabbatical, I’m already ready for the teen titans to get there, along with the Lego Movie and Frozen.

Bun, Pickle, Burger, Cheese...put that patty in between...

Bun, Pickle, Burger, Cheese…put that patty in between…

Mei isn’t that great a traveler. Not like the other two were. After ten-twenty minutes, she starts screaming.  “Yo dudes, why are we still in this car with me tied down??”  Ok, not so many words, but I’m pretty sure that’s the most literal of translations.

However, one of the things that makes traveling easy is listening to spotify, where I threw together a playlist of songs I know she loves.  Right now it includes a few from Teen Titans…


This is the goober sense of humor my kids have because they LOVE this song.  If we’re home, it’s immediate stop what you are doing and start dancing.  For the littlest, that’s a hop dance, and one of the cutest little things I’ve seen.

The rest of the playlist is Frozen and Lego Movie.  Last night, as we drove home, I put it on and I think my poor husband’s spirit was crushed.  The last edit a few weeks ago was to get rid of the excess Frozen songs…but the girls would not let me get rid of let it go. Which means I need to spend some time finding new songs.  Else our sanity might suffer permanent damage.


This is the full playlist.  If you have kids, feel free to torment yourself too.  All in the name of happy kids and a quiet car ride.

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