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Hook happenings.

Tamara's Kismet

Tamara’s Kismet- my first square

Starburst Square

Starburst Square- really loved this one

I haven’t worked much on the CAL for this week.  Well, technically, I have.  It’s a square made up of four mini squares, sewn together, and I completed two of them.  But, they are too large, and I am not happy with the technique Moogly recommended for joining the colors.  It looks terrible, and feels worse.  So I have to start over and figure out how to join the colors without having a million ends to weave in.  I hate ends.

That said, I actually have nine squares done.  I’ve kept up with the previous six, plus did three alternatives.  It’s been exciting.  There hasn’t been a square where I didn’t learn something useful.  I’m not sure if anything is considered advanced techniques, but there was a couple of hard ones that threw me for a loop for a really long time.

Eight Pointed Flower

Eight Pointed Flower- an alt square, but amongst my favorites

Windmill Square

Windmill Square- I hated this square.

I also feel like I’ve gotten better, for the most part.  My first square was the Tamara’s Kismet, and looking at the picture, I think it looks horrible, and I’m tempted to re-do it at some point.  But then I get sentimental and think that hey…this is a journey, and I should document that journey from start to finish!

Yeah, I’ll probably re-do it for sure, lol.

Learning to block was fun.  I’ve blocked them all but one, and that one was done well enough I don’t really need to.  I’ve only weaved the ends in half of them though.  Have I mentioned how much I hate weaving in ends?  I hate weaving in ends.

Family Sqare

Family Sqare

Never Ending Love

Never Ending Love

Oddly, the hardest square for me was the Windmill Square.  It took me forever to figure out post stitches, and honestly, I still feel like I didn’t get them right.  I honestly was going to skip this square after I frogged it like six times.  I put it aside, did the next square two weeks later, and then gave it another go.  Somehow I did it.

The Squares I like best were the Eight pointed Flower, Waldo’s Puzzle, and the Family Square.  The border is insane, and yet the square itself is heavy and substantial.  If you made an entire blanket of just this square, I think it would be super cozy and warm.  It would also use a lot of yarn, just on the border alone.

I plan on doing more alts.  I want the blanket to be quite large, more appropriate for a Queen size bed.  I’m not looking forward to putting it all together, as I don’t think I have strong sewing skills and I haven’t really looked up ways to join all the squares.  Hopefully there’s some idiot-proof method, but I doubt it.  I’ll have to get doomkitty to walk me through it.

Doomkitty, is that a good excuse to come visit again?

Ok, time to get back to Square #7: The Pinwheel Afghan Square. Feel free to check in on my progress on Ravelry.

Waldo's Puzzle

Waldo’s Puzzle

Unbroken Hearts

Unbroken Hearts

Solstice Sun Rising

Solstice Sun Rising

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