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It begins again…

The first of our crocuses.

The first of our crocuses.

Mother nature is angry.  Last week we went from the 20’s to the 60’s and then back down again.  We had two “warm” days, and I managed to get at least one day of garden clean up in.  It’s ugly.  Really ugly.  I had to buy mud boots ugly.  I had my first thorn injuries ugly.  (You think that would lead to let’s go buy some heavy duty garden gloves ugly, but it didn’t…not yet.)

Our tree fell down this winter...

Our tree fell down this winter…

Clean up will really hard.  My yard is a literally disaster.  A down tree, brush, garbage, toys that got left out (oops…) and of course, the garden beds need to be cleaned and prepped.  This year I went ahead and ordered plants, flowers, veggies and herbs, from a local nursery, and I can pick them up towards the end of May.  I’m super excited, particularly for the flowers.  It’ll be the first year I attempt to “beautify” my front flower beds on my own.

Of course, it’s gonna start with tons of mulch.  Lots and lots of mulch.  There is such a weed problem that I’m actually scared to attempt it all.  And it needs a border.  There used to be wood borders, but I have a feeling those were used for years before we bought the house, because they are in literal shambles.  I’m trying to decide what to do…I like stone borders, but that can get really expensive, particularly with the size of my garden beds.

Yellow crocuses

Yellow crocuses

Do here’s a list of what’s to come:

Basil ‘Sweet Italian’
Cilantro ‘Tasty Ole’
Parsley ‘Darki Triple Curled’
Rosemary ‘Spice Island’
Sage ‘Scarborough’
Dill ‘Dukat’
Thyme ‘Garden Time’

Black Hollyhock ‘The Watchman’
Black-Eyed Susan ‘Cherry Brandy’
Cape Daisy ‘Zulu Prince’
Coreopsis ‘Sunfire’
Dahlia ‘ Opera Mix’
Delphinium ‘Butterfly Blue’
Foxglove ‘Dalmation Creme’
Lemon Balm
Black-Eyed Susan Vine ‘Blushing Susie’
Globe Amaranth ‘Las Vegas Purple’
Marigold ‘Durango Outback Mix’

Cucumber ‘Gourmet Burpless’
Eggplant ‘Black Beauty’
Lettuce Romaine ‘Cimmaron’
Pepper Bell Sampler
Pepper Mini ‘Cute Stuff Gold’
Pumpkin ‘New England Pie’
Squash Winter ‘Delicata Bush’
Squash Summer ‘Early Prolific’
Watermelon ‘Sugar Baby’
Kale ‘Lacinato’
Spinach ‘Renegade’
Tomato Heirloom ‘Chocolate Stripes’
Sunflower ‘Razzmatazz Mix’
Sunflower ‘Waooh!’

Strawberry ‘White Carolina’

Exploring what shape the patio is in, and enjoying our first 50º degree in 98 days.

Exploring what shape the patio is in, and enjoying our first 50º degree in 98 days.

Huge order, but so worth it. That leaves only a few things to start on my own: Corn, Lavender, Blueberries, Raspberries and maybe Grapes, lol. Really depends. I’d like to pick up a few more strawberries, but I want to do a strawberry planter to keep runners contained. Luckily, my veggies garden area is in great shape, so that’ll be the “easy” job this year. My flowers will be split between the garden beds, and the patio, and the herbs will be split between the veggie beds and the patio (because who doesn’t love the smell of rosemary and lavender!)

With any luck, I will also finish the pond this year too.  A bunch of rocks, a few water plants…we’ll be good!

Honestly, I’m so ready to get out of the house, enjoy some warm weather, get my hands dirty and work up a sweat.  I think Mei feels the same.

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