April 2015



Steps of Faith. Dragon Slaying, here we come.

So here we are, in April.  The last of the main story line as been released in a patch, and on my end, finished.  The Final Coil of Bahamut has been opened, so it can be pugged, DF’d or run as many times as you like.  The expansion, Heavensward, is due out in June.  And yes, I have it preordered.  And yes, it’s the collector’s edition for the PS4. I wouldn’t accept anything less.

Victory on the Steps!

Victory on the Steps for the happy couple!

We managed to get T11 down before it opened up, so we are slowly working our way through T12. Ok, sort of…we’ve actually only attempted it once.  I believe my exact quote was something I can’t publish.  I still haven’t even checked out a full video guide, so I probably should at some point.  But I did a few runs of T11 farms last night, and even learned a different way to do it as OT, without taxing the healers with extra damage.

Even managed to get some gear, the choker.  I think there’s a bunch of accessories I could get from T11, so I might continue to farm there a bit when I can.  Besides, all the wins go towards my warbear.  As of last night, I was at 152 out of 200.  So close!

Here’s the first win video. Doing it the old fashioned way of side-by-side tanking.

Tomo and Chocolate celebrate their hard won victory!

Tomo and Chocolate celebrate their hard won victory!

So what to do for the next couple of months?  My guess is I won’t log in as much.  We do have FF-Type 0, and the FFXV demo, which I could focus on.  I finished leveling my Dragoon to 50, and am working on getting my ninja to 50.  I got my goldsmith to 50 as well, and was working on getting Weaver and Goldsmith geared enough to do 4-star crafts.  I should get my miner to 50, and am working on getting Botanist geared well too.  I finally got all my silver sovereigns as fisher, and am now getting those damn Olgois.   So it’s not as if I don’t have anything to do in the game.  Oh, and I need 1000 more poetics to get my weapon.  So yeah, plenty to do.

Almost a year and half of playing, and I feel like I’m still going strong.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of boring nights.  But for the most part, I’m still a FFXIV addict.  A good chunk of it is the game, but I also enjoy the community.  Well most of it.  There’s plenty of people you want to avoid, and Square is still not doing enough to combat gil sellers.

T12, here we come.

I still have every intention of learning and beating Final Coil.  So much gear, I need it!

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