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Hoppy Easter

The eggs...not as geeky as last year, but I like them.

The eggs…not as geeky as last year, but I like them.

This year turned into a fairly relaxed easter.  We did the usual Easter Eggs, and while I wanted to do natural dyes, I didn’t have the time to commit, and stuck to the usual dyes. The kids don’t really care, they just like dying eggs.  We had some fun with it this year, as the little clear crayon the kit came with didn’t work, and the eggs were just splotchy.  We ended up tossing them in multiple colors for some neat effects.

The morning was spent trying to find said eggs.  Mei found one, and cracked it immediately.  Yum, toddler egg!  And after a few hours, the last egg, which I worried would never be found, was discovered and all was well.

Fresh from the oven.

Fresh from the oven.

The father-in-law is visiting family, and my mother is in the nursing facility, where sadly, she’s sick plus the home under a voluntary quarantine as some GI bug goes through.  After the adventures with GI bugs here at home, we’ve opted to wait to visit.  We got Easter with just us this year.  It’s been awhile since that happened, and we’re enjoying it.  The kids are playing with the Minecraft plushes they got, as well as playing their video games and watching Sesame Street.  Us parents are just chilling as well, not worrying about showers, dressing and getting things done before we either cook or head out.

So yummy.  Moist and delicous!

So yummy. Moist and delicious!

Which brings us to the first year I’ve actually planned an Easter breakfast.  I normally just toss together some eggs and maybe bacon.  Something easy, since I’m usually cooking a bigger dinner.  This year I prepared breakfast in advance, and it might have to become a tradition.  I made an Overnight Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast Casserole.  You can get the recipe here, at Mom on Timeout.

I followed the recipe pretty much exactly.  The only difference, I think, was that my bread loaf was thinner than a normal baguette, so there wasn’t as much bread to egg…but that worked perfectly because it was delicious.  If I changed anything, I might consider halving the cream cheese mixture, only because it was a touch too sweet, and my kids are odd in that they don’t seem to like cheesecake. (I know, I know, weird kids.) I also didn’t chop the bread after it was sandwiched, and instead, put it down in the pan in one single layer.  It was perfect, and despite the recommendation being to serve with maple syrup (or a strawberry maple syrup), I threw on fresh strawberries and kept it really simple.  It was seriously moist enough and sweet enough to not need additional syrup.

Now to sit in a slight food coma for the afternoon, at least until it’s time to make more food.  Ham, and twice baked potatoes.  Ah, two food comas in one day.  Holidays are glorious.

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