April 2015

Spring time

It’s so nice to have the weather be warm and sunny again. While cleaning out my garden beds isn’t exactly fun, there is a zen like quality to it. It’s hard to focus on anything other than the task at hand, which is really nice, particularly when there’s a lot on your mind.

‘Nuff said

If I wasn’t excited about FFXIV: Heavensward before (I was…), I certainly am now. I’ve been bouncing around since watching the opening video, and June cannot get here soon enough.

So really, all there is to do now is share the video. But be warned. There are some SERIOUS spoilers regarding the end of the […]

Winter is Coming?

OK, some cool geeky things to share.

Appropriate, since Game of Thrones, season 5, starts this weekend. I’m mixed with emotions. As a book nerd, I’ve been able to separate book from TV. But at some point last season, it felt less “Game of Thrones” and more like “Hey, let’s do whatever we want.” Some […]

Musical fun times

Ah, it’s so good to have my two older kids back at school. It’s back to quieter mornings, just mom and Mei.

My kids are really into “Teen Titans, go!” at the moment. It think it’s a kid thing, because I recall my sister doing the same, and I probably did as well, but man…kids […]

Hook happenings.

Tamara’s Kismet- my first square

Starburst Square- really loved this one

I haven’t worked much on the CAL for this week. Well, technically, I have. It’s a square made up of four mini squares, sewn together, and I completed two of them. But, they are too large, and I am not […]

It begins again…

The first of our crocuses.

Mother nature is angry. Last week we went from the 20’s to the 60’s and then back down again. We had two “warm” days, and I managed to get at least one day of garden clean up in. It’s ugly. Really ugly. I had to buy mud boots […]


Steps of Faith. Dragon Slaying, here we come.

So here we are, in April. The last of the main story line as been released in a patch, and on my end, finished. The Final Coil of Bahamut has been opened, so it can be pugged, DF’d or run as many times as you […]

Hoppy Easter

The eggs…not as geeky as last year, but I like them.

This year turned into a fairly relaxed easter. We did the usual Easter Eggs, and while I wanted to do natural dyes, I didn’t have the time to commit, and stuck to the usual dyes. The kids don’t really care, they just […]