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Geekchic Moon Prism Power Make Up Review


From left to right- Submarine Reflection, Queen of Darkness, Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber, Silence Glaive Surprise, Crescent Beam Shower and Rainbow Moon Heart Ache


The swatches. From bottom to top: Crescent beam shower, Submarine Reflection, Silence Glaive Surprise, Queen of Darkness, Rainbow Moon Heart Ache, Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber (and a repeat of Crescent beam shower…)

Geekchic recently released a very awesome set- the Moon Prism Power Make up. The full set came with 12 colors. I’ll have to split the review because there’s just so many colors!  I got the 3-day only limited edition tin, which was absolutely perfect.  I love having a little tin to hold all of them together.  If I hadn’t already gotten the geek glosses and the nail lacquer, I would’ve gotten the The Magical Girl Final Transformation Pack.  Ultimate in Geeky girl make up kits!

So the colors…my initial reaction is that they were super pastel. They are based more on the manga than the anime, which is why they are so delicate and soft-hued. Now, this isn’t bad, but I have found immediately that I am not used to it.  My normal colors are darker, but there’s one thing I’ve begun to learn is that exploring new colors is a lot of fun.  I’m was not a huge make up fan, nor am I skilled with a make up brush, but I’ve really begun to learn and enjoy the experience.  I would’ve never considered wearing blues and reds or oranges, and they’ve become my signature colors over the last year.  Particularly reds…

So I don’t know if it’s my lack of skill with make up, or my darker skin, or my limited imagination, but I immediately felt like they lacked something. They felt so light on my skin that despite not being a huge primer fan, they need the primer.  I think on lighter skin, or by a more talented make up artist, these colors would be brilliant.  On me…they can be hit or miss it feels like.  Of course, I’ve only worn them once, and only these six colors thus far.

My favorite so far is the Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber.  Geekchic writes that it is “a velvety matte black based shadow that is jam packed with OODLES of red micro glimmer, lavender to blue color shifting shimmer, teal to lavender to blue color shifting shimmer, black holo sparkle, deep blue to magenta color shifting sparkle, and silver holo micro shimmer!”  Understatement.  This color is BEAUTIFUL.  I’d describe it as a deep purple, and it’s great as an eye liner.  I swear, they give me a new eye liner color every time I make an order.


Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber and Silence Glaive Surprise

Next is Silence Glaive Surprise.  A “soft, dove grey toned purple satin shadow with a softviolet sheen. It has just the right amount of color shifting blue to purple shimmer, soft lilac shimmer, and purple sparkles throughout.”  It’s really soft without a primer, and I was a touch disappointed there wasn’t a lot of silver in it.  I don’t know what, but I thought silver.  Maybe because I’m still looking for a perfect silver.  Still, with once on, I immediately thought of Spring.


Submarine Reflection and Queen of Darkness

“Submarine Reflection is a gorgeous ocean blue teal satin shadow with a subtle golden green sheen. It sparkles with pops of rich blue to purple color shifting sparkle, sea glass green shimmer, and rich sapphire sparkle.”  It’s a really nice teal color, and again…I think Spring.  It’s flirty and feminine, and my guess is it’s gorgeous as an eye liner.  I will definitely be experimenting with that.

Queen of Darkness is red.  RED.  Love Reds.  I love to highlight my contours/crease with red.  I think it’s such a sexy look.  Queen of Darkness is a rich, dark red.  My usual red is the My Prince, My Starlord which is almost a blood red, and this is a nice change.  Not quite pastel in my opinion, but perhaps that’s why it’s amongst my favorites.  It feels like a nice contrast and highlight to the rest of the spring feeling.  Geekchic describes it as “a soft marsala red based shadow with a subtle green shift and a good sized pinch of bright green sparkles.”


Crescent Beam Shower and Rainbow Moon Heart Ache

Crescent Beam Shower is probably my first orange.  It’s also really light and I could barely see it, which is so disappointing to me.  I’m not really sure what to do to get it to pop.  Described as “a punchy creamsicle orange with a soft golden sheen and little glints of bright orange glitter and a tiny pinch of light blue sparkle”it does a nice job with brow bone highlights.  I really wish it showed up darker on my skin though.  WIth paler skin, I think it might look fantastic on lids.  And maybe eventually, I will learn the technique to get this color to look fabulous on me.

Finally we have Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.  Highlights and cheek highlights, ladies and gentlemen.  This is perfect for that.   It really gives the skin a night iridescent glow.  It’s a “feminine, ethereal soft gold shadow with a shiny golden sheen. It’s jam packed with soft blue and soft red sparkle that dances in the sunlight.”  In fact, I wish we had sun more often (and warmth so I could go out and enjoy the sun…) so I could sparkle.

So far, I love the set.  Even though some of the colors seem soft, subtle can be a good thing.  As I wear them, I’ll take pictures and be posting them to my Instagram account.  If you love Sailor moon, this is a great set.  If you love make up, it’s a great set.  If you are looking for a Spring make up set…do I need to say it?  Go and buy it!

tl;dr?  BUY THIS SET.

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