February 2015
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With the snow a foot or more deep, and the temperatures below 0ºF (and I won’t even discuss wind chills), we are all rather stuck inside.  I love seasons, I don’t mind snow and I even don’t mind the cold.  But this winter can’t end soon enough.  I’m ready for sun and the great outdoors.

10953218_10153114166817375_4767115258188158734_nBut for now, particularly this week with vacation thrust upon me (kids vacation, stay at home moms don’t get vacation) I’m keeping busy with things on my hook and on my needles.  I’m still participating in the Moogly CAL, though the 3rd square as come to be the bane of my existence.   It’s not a difficult square but as of yet, I cannot seem to get it.  I’m really glad that I did an alternative square prior.  I made the Eloise sweater and bonnet, although I made it a size too big (thinking it would take me longer) but it’s still cute.  I’m still working (slowly) on the one ring scarf, my have a heart shawl and started on a pair of mitts for myself to match the hat Doom Kitty made me.

The mitts are cute, and surprisingly fast.  I bought a pair of circular sock needles- size 4 and I am pretty shocked at how easy they make this.  No DPN’s needed.  I’m already a little less than half way through the first glove on day one.  And it’s such a pretty pattern.

And since winter doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, gloves are good.

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