February 2015

Oh my…

Time has passed by once more.  Life is too distracting!


Chocolate beats T10!

Last night, Tomo and I finally beat T10.  We were pretty happy.  It feels like we’ve been working on T10 forever.   With our complete static, we’ve gotten down to about 14% a few times, but hitting enrage.  Usually at least 1 DPS is dead, but we were getting better.  We can get through the first few phases really easy.

Our main tank disappeared on us last night, so we postponed until tonight, but then a few of the Lalafell Mafia greats were like “Let’s get Choco and Tomo through!”  Which was awesome.  I don’t consider it a carry, since I don’t think you can carry two healers and a tank.  The static online was Me, Tomo, Naji and Dark.  Dark has gotten through T10 before.

Anyways, they have amazing DPS and are pretty much on queue when it comes to call outs (where as our group is quiet and still learning what needs to be called out, etc) so…bam.  One shot.


Tomo, Choco and Naji with their first wins!

I messed up the adds, as in I was at a strange angle with my camera, struggled to catch them with my targeting…I don’t usually have that bad of a problem, but I managed to get them and not wipe us.  Then later, I looked away for something really quick, and of course died.  Ooops.  Got a raise, holmganged the charge and was up for the win.  Oh, and I was rewarded with loot.

So my feeling is…it’s all good! We’ll be running t10 more, not only to get our static through but also for more loot.  In the meantime, I get to watch t11 videos.  Sosul, master tank, ran me through the first few phases (got to adds…) and man…tank battles.  Perfectly timed swaps! Perfect kiting!  Yoship hates me.

So here’s the clear.  Fun times 😛

I realized I never uploaded the Tomo/Chocolate EB.  Half of it never got recorded, which makes me so sad.  But I’ll get it up at some point.

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