January 2015

I can haz…Square

My first square of the Moogly CAL is done.  Woot!  Well, mostly.  I still need to weave in all those ends, and block it, but I’m waiting for my blocking supplies to arrive.  In the meantime, I can gain a few rows on the One Ring Scarf, and the shawl.

Ugh, so uneven.  Still, I love my colors!

Ugh, so uneven. Still, I love my colors!

The block was a touch more difficult than I thought, but it was fun to learn.  I’m honestly torn on how it turned out.  Despite the numbers being right, it’s messy and looks uneven. So we will see what happens after blocking.  This particular square just used too much yarn for me to do a second one.  I’m not rich!

I’m really hoping that there are a few easier blocks in there too.  I’m not sure I can handle a year of really difficult squares.

We are on day 10 of Harriet’s visit.  It’s been a load of fun and while we’ve knit and crocheted a whole lot, we’ve also gone out quite a bit (for me…)  Yesterday we took her to a real American Mall, ate at The Cheesecake Factory and did a bit of shopping.  It’s not an easy thing with kids, I tell you, and I was reminded WHY I like my big stroller over the little umbrella stroller.  But I think a good time was had, and maybe I can convince Harriet to give us a write up of the adventures within the Mirror Maze.  (Hi Harriet!)

Last night was the 12 hour maintenance for the newest FFXIV patch.  That’s honestly the only “bad” thing about having a guest, and that’s I’ve not been able to play almost the entire visit.  I did our weekly raids (Turn 10!) but other than that, we’ve been hanging out, watching movies, chatting and you guessed it…crocheting and knitting in the evening, with a cider or two.  It’s been odd, to be fair.  Tomo and I have played almost every day since the game was released in August 2014.  Some couples watch tv together.  Some watch movies.  Tomo and I game.  I have to admit though- I’ve enjoyed the break.

I haven’t let myself get hyped for the new patch because I knew I couldn’t get to it.  I might be able to play tonight and do our first run of the World of Darkness, but I don’t know.  All of it might just wait until after my best friend leaves.  And it’s totally worth the wait.  We’ve had a very nice few evenings together, and I’d like our last few evenings together to be the same.

2 comments to I can haz…Square

  • “Those who play together, stay together!” =)
    (Also you know I totally don’t mind you guys playing. I’ve not finished my square yet, I can keep myself entertained =P)

    • Oh I know. That’s why I didn’t cancel raiding since our group is once again getting used to a new tank and we struggle to meet each other’s schedules. Other than that- I’ve enjoyed simply hanging out with you. 🙂

      And I don’t know…lately there isn’t a lot of “play together” so much as just being online at the same time. 😛

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