January 2015
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It’s a crafty crafty crafty year!

It’s been really fun having my best friend Harriet here to visit. She still has another week before she flies back to Manchester, and I’m already dreading it!


My Crochet along progress

We’ve hung out and crafted a lot. We’ve planned and I’ve ended up putting together a list of knit and crochet projects to do this year. I’ve bought a ton of yarn.

I’ve already mentioned the Moogly Crochet along. My first square is turning out really pretty, albeit a touch messy. I was thinking I might make a second, but it uses SO much yarn, lol. I have plans to make a cute little baby sweater for Mei, with a matching bonnet. There’s also a matching hat, so she could pick between them. If I have enough yarn let, I might just make that too.

I’m also working on a scarf for my husband. I’m really excited for this one, even though it’s a huge project. With 550 rows of 100, the One Ring Scarf is time consuming. But worth it. I’m only on about row 35, and it’s already pretty neat working. it’s really fun to watch it take shape. Oh, and if you aren’t on ravelry to see these patterns, you should just join! Look me up, I’m FatChocoboMom!


The One Ring Scarf…I’ve made a bit more progress since this picture…

Finally I’m working on two shawls. The first is more of a test shawl, to see if I have the patience and use up some yarn. So far it’s going well- the thing I seem to be learning more is that I am a really tight crocheter. It may be be best for me to go up a hook size on projects like that. (Yes, I’m terrible at doing gauge swatches…) The second shawl, if the first goes well is the Dragonfly Wings shawl. It’s more delicate and I will be using a more expensive yarn. And it will be the only one with a true deadline, as I want it for my sister-in-law’s wedding in September.

As you can see, I will be quite busy this year. So I really should not have my eye on this pattern. Really, I should be turning away… But I’ve wanted a fairy coat for years. To find a pattern where I could slowly just pick up the colors I want instead of shelling out a good 200+…yeeeeah. I’m totally considering it.

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