December 2014
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Sneak Peek…Eternal Bond ceremony, coming soon!

Some really geeky stuff upcoming…namely an online wedding.  But in order for that to happen, there was a prerequisite.  Tomo had to turn into a Lalafell.  Because Chocolate, aka Chocoboss, leader of the Lalafell Mafia, couldn’t marry a hyur.  And as the Mafia declared….Choco won!


Introducing…Tomo Takino…future Lalafell husband to Chocolate Biscotti. Can you see how excited she is?

Tomo used a fantasia last night and turned into an adorable lala that Chocolate could love.  There’s a lot of jokes that I forced Tomo to do it, and it’s only partially true.  I really did think it would look odd for Hyur Highlander Tomo to wed Lalafell Chocolate.  But if Tomo really insisted, I probably would’ve still wed him.  Maybe.  I guess the test will be what happens when he turns back.  Did they mention how divorce works in Eorzea?

Next step is to buy our wedding package.  Yeah, shelling out the cash for one of the premium packages.  Those extras…Square knows how to entice fangirls and boys.  It’s all in good fun.  I’m actually excited to see how many irl couples are also getting hitched in game.  I know of quite a few in my FC.

And now, I’ll say no more.  What color will Chocolate’s dress be?  What color will her flowers be?  Will anyone object to the proceedings?  Will Tomo remain a lalafell?  Just remember, happy wife, happy life*.  And most likely, I will be streaming the ceremony, or at the very least, uploading it to youtube.


Chocolate can’t wait to show Tomo just what happens on a honeymoon. I believe it involves cake, the manderville and some Shiva EX.

*In no way do I actually subscribe to that thinking…

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