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O Christmas Tree, part 2


Mei was amused by the ornaments.

Sunday was a fun day of relaxing, and putting ornaments on the tree.  All the kids were upstairs when I brought the box out, but I swear, it was as if they had some sort of Christmas Tree senses and they tingled the moment I opened a box.  Within moments, my plan of taking out all the ornaments from their boxes and tissues was gone, and we approached each ornament, one by one.  The kids just had too much fun, and I was even able to cast aside most of my controlling side and just let them do the work…until later.  Or if the branches were bending terrible, which happened a number of time.  Liam liked to put on as many ornaments on one branch as he could for some reason.  I’m talking four or five, and the branches suddenly going down all the way to the floor.  It was kind of funny, but I felt bad moving them.  He was taking great pride in putting them on.  I just explained to him that it didn’t look as good to have the branch on the floor, and he agreed.  He’s easy to guide like that.


She was so excited.

Lilia on the other hand, liked to cluster things.  All the Hello Kitty ornaments were in one place, all the Mischievous Kittens in another….though as soon I told her to spread them out, she did and all was good.  She is quite the leader then, directing Liam. Mei just liked to touch the tree and she tried to hang things, but the concept of hooks eluded her.  Still, she was quite cute about it.  She has been loving to decorate.  I have a set of penguins- you can see them in the picture.  I put them on the tv stand, but Mei has been rotating them between the tv stand, the fireplace and the window sill.  She seems to love to do it, and since they aren’t breakable, I’ve let her do it.


The concentration! Ornaments are serious business in this house!

It took a bit of time to get them all on the tree.  I have a lot of ornaments. My mother gave me quite a few growing up, and then she painted a bunch of ceramic ones as well.  Since I left for college, and particularly since Ireland 1999, John and I have accumulated quite a few.  Yes, I love Hallmark ornaments, and have tried to stick to only one or two series.  I started collecting the Mischievous Kitten series in 2000, missing the 1999 first in series.  Someday…and since I’ve only missed two others, both 2012 and 2014 (there’s still time!)  I got Lilia the first five years of the my [first, second, etc] Christmas, but was disappointed that the look of each year didn’t change so Liam and Mei did not get those.  I have a few from their Penguin Pals series as well.  I’ve never really been into getting the Star Trek ones, but I don’t have a geek tree (Oh, I would love one, don’t get me wrong…)

After ornaments, I did some readjustments, and put on some garland.  To be honest, I miss tinsel, but it’s such a pain, and with cats and kids, I’ve long given up on it.  My mother was super strict, putting one or two strands on at a time, and I found I was just as demanding.  It was best for all that I dropped that tradition, and I’ve come to really enjoy garland.  In fact, this year I hope to hit the after Christmas sales and stock up on some new garland, as I haven’t updated it in a few years.

The tree is beautiful, if I do say so myself.  I had a picture but realized that some of the garland got knocked down, so I have to retake the picture.  I’ll save it for a big reveal later!  It feels like Christmas now, the only thinking lacking is snow, which we had a bit in November but it’s since melted.  We need a fresh layer, at least for Christmas.  This is the North!  I think this week we’ll continue the Christmas love with Christmas movies and shows, music and baking.  Christmas cookies!


My helper elves

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