December 2014
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*peeking in*

OMG, it’s been so long! We went from September to December in the blink of an eye!  Life got crazy, particularly with a toddler on hand.  I really kidded myself when I thought I’d have more time once the kids went back to school to get things done, at least blog related.

Just peeking in...

Just peeking in…

I’m aiming to get back, though it might be slow.  The holidays are a great time to actively blog- there’s so many things going on.  Baking, crafting, Christmas, decorating and at least here, I’ve got three birthdays coming up.

Since September, I’ve done a lot of knitting and crochet.  We’ve fallen into a pretty tight schedule between school, gymnastics, and karate, shopping, cleaning and laundry.  Scratch that, the laundry pile seems to grow, and I swear it’s moving on it’s own this day.

Evenings, after the kids go to bed, we spend our evenings playing FFXIV still.  Our static changed a little, taking in a new tank and some new DPS, but it’s a friendly bunch of folks, and it’s pretty fun to play with them.  Because of life, we spent a lot of time just getting through T6-T8 once again, trying to gear up for T9, and we only recently started trying it again.  We don’t get to claim beating it before echo, but only hardcores care about that.  We’ve finally started making progress past the golems phase, and we’re a few percentages short of seeing that last phase.  It’s a huge pain, but I actually find the battle to be fun.


Chocolate’s House! Lavender beds, ward 2, plot 59.

We did enjoy the new content.  Chocolate and Tomo now have new personal housing.  We beat Ramuh and Shiva Extreme.  Ramuh EX was such a pain in the rear.  It definitely took longer for my groups to learn than it did Shiva EX.  I still lack a DPS class (and a healing one, but I doubt I’ll go there any time soon.)  I have a Dragoon at level 40, and my Rogue is level 25.  Someday, maybe…

And of course, coming soon is the Eternal Bond ceremony between Chocolate Biscotti and (lalafell) Tomo Takino.  It should be a lot of fun, and I totally plan on sharing that with my readers and friends.  Because I’m a huge dork.

It’s hard to believe, we’ve been playing since the start up back in August 2013.  My original character has already gotten the one year subscription reward, and Chocolate should be getting it soon too.  I think the 17th of December.

So with any luck, and a little poking and prodding from friends, FCM is back for some geeky fun times.  With Christmas coming, I’ll have some fun games to talk about, I’m sure, as other nerdy odds and ends.

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