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Nerdy knits


Cactuar Minion…still needs eyes and mouth.

I am the Queen of unfinished projects.  In my knitting back, I probably have about five unfinished projects, and my crochet bag is probably worse with tiny projects that also just never got finished. Worse, I have a ton of yarn, that I am pretty sure breeds like tribbles.  But never in the colors I need.

It does make finished projects more special to me.  I was proud that I finished the baby blanket I made for Mei, and the scarves I made for my friends last Christmas.  Presently, I’m trying my first sock pattern.  My favorite knits, however, are nerdy ones.  A Slime animuguri from Dragon Quest, Triforce Shorties…to name a couple.

My current nerdy project is inspired by FFXIV.  Minion Squares.  There’s currently around 90 Minions.  Which means that no, I won’t be making them all.  So are probably far too complex for skill at the moment.  My first choice was the Cactuar.  Not only because it’s simple, but because who doesn’t love the Cactuar.  It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, to create the pattern, and then I decided to try double knitting.  It worked for the Cactuar, but it won’t work as well for other minions.  I’m also not 100% satisfied with my first “square” (yeah, it’s more a rectangle…) so I’ll be reworking it.  I’d like to make it smaller, and parts of the arms and legs a tad thicker in spots.  Still, I think the one I made will make a good pillow.


Reverse side! Golden Cactuar?

I actually a few inspirations I have going for me after this.  Chocobo chick squares are coming next.  First the normal one, and then the black, since they’d share a pattern.  After that…well, I guess you’ll have to wait to see.  Those are the big projects.  In the meantime, hopefully a few little projects.  There’s so many cute patterns out there for nerdy knits…

And yes, I think once I tighten up the pattern a bit, I will share it.  If anyone would like to follow me on ravelry, I’m FatChocoboMom!

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