September 2014
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Back to school!

School has kicked off for the older kids, and the husband has returned to work.  Being the stay at home wife to a professor means that I get to spend my summers with the entire family home home as well.  Let me tell you- it’s both great and terrible. 


I celebrate because I love.

It has been fairly quiet in the mornings and early afternoon.  Not completely quiet, as I still have the baby home, but for the most part, it’s been nice.  Mei likes to spend the morning watching Sesame Street and Frozen.  We’re still trying to find our routine a little.

She misses the kids, I think, though she likes having run of the house and toys.  The kids are glad to be at school and with their friends.  Lilia also started gymnastics, and Liam requested karate.  He was welcome to take gymnastics, but while at Lilia’s class he told me “Look at all these girls.  I don’t want to play with girls.”  It cracked me up.

With the kids gone, I’ve had more time to get on the new computer during the day.  I’ve spent the last week in FFXIV trying to get my chocobo the right color.  It was a serious pain, but finally I got it yesterday.  Chocolate Brown Chocobo for Chocolate Biscotti.  It was actually an awesome day yesterday.  The past week I was tempted to take a break.  For some reason my static was struggling with T6 and T7, and then Tomo and I kept getting into groups that were wiping a lot to Extremes.  For help night we did Leviathan EX (got through), Moogle Mog (Wiped) and then Ramuh Ex (Wiped…)  It was sort of discouraging.

16062_10152715306547375_7667685119757813376_nBut last night our group got through both T6 and T7, and did really good on T8 before we had to call it a night.  And though all week I was dealing with random computer crashes while I was hunting, I got some hunts in before bed and got four straight Blood-spattered logs.  It was pretty damn funny and amazing and I managed to get all my equipment on one side up to i110.  I also got my Paladin shield to i110 and am about 50 soldiery short of getting the sword.  I’ll get that Tuesday, but at this point I think we’re okay on me doing T8 as a paladin, since it has better cool downs.

So now we’re in the process of just getting back into a more regimented routine.  Not much really changes for me- the kids are at school, John is at work and it’s just Mei and I.  It honestly gives me a touch more freedom to get stuff done around the house, though this week I’ve suffered a little bit of a loneliness having everyone gone.  It’s quickly replaced with annoyance when the kids come home, throw their stuff to the ground, start arguing with each other and trash the house within minutes.  Ah, life with kids.  But all that means I get to do more projects I can blog about, like the cute minion knitted squares I’m working on, and of course, keeping my house clean once again. 

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