August 2014
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So close…

It is the last few days of freedom for the kids, as school grows closer to beginning. In all honestly, I can’t wait. I love my kids, but my older kids love school and learning. Them heading to school is going to mean more time for me to get things done, though I’ll still have the littlest one on my heels.

I haven’t done much this August, or at least not anything blog worthy. If the kids were to tell you about the last few weeks, they’d mention the beach, the Lego movie, tell you their favorite food is pancakes or McDonalds, and then proceed to tell you about the adventures of their “friends”, which is all their plush Mario and Luigi todays. Oh, and how much they’ve watched Frozen. Yeah, my kids are on that bandwagon, and they were late jumping on it. At least I know what to buy them for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, with three kids and all their birthdays within the 12 days of Christmas, can you guess when I start shopping? Yep. September. I rather like shopping for Christmas, so I’m looking forward to it. Honestly, a lot of times I come up with a small list for them on Amazon, but I also watch Clearance and Sales for things that might be good as well.

So hopefully I’ll have more time to blog once the kids are busy with school. I just need the big day to get here. After I find some navy socks for Liam. Which is a lot harder than it sounds. Ugh.

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