July 2014
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Harvest time

Not as big as the Zucs, thank goodness

Not as big as the Zucs, thank goodness

This weekend, and most of last week has just been super hectic with my mother in the hospital.  Of course, living in the middle of nowhere, the hospital is a good 45 minutes away, which isn’t so bad until you throw in three kids and exhausted parents.  But we are surviving.

One of the things I’ve neglected this week has been my garden.  My squash and pumpkins have exploded.  I knew I had some small zucchini growing, but all it takes is one or two days and bam! Big jumbo huge zucchini.  It’s madness!  It’s actually the same every year.  I can never seem to time harvesting right, and end up with tons of huge overgrown zucchini.  My own fault for not checking daily, I suppose.

Every year I sort of struggle to figure out what to do with so many.  It’s not like I planted a whole lot.  One plant this year.  Explosion.  Last year we were snacking on raw, freshly sliced Zucchini for a month.  It’s not a bad thing, it just started to lose that happy “ooh, fresh from my garden” feeling towards the end.  So this year I’m trying my best to try and use them in different ways.

Holy Zucchini...these things would hurt someone if you hit them with it.

Holy Zucchini…

Today, as my husband and 0ldest daughter headed out to visit my mother in the hospital, I knew I’d need lunch, and that I should use at least one zucchini.  Searched for a good recipe and voila…I found fritters.  Delicious Summer Squash Fritters, found over at Aggie’s Kitchen.  It’s the simplest recipe and it’s absolutely delicious.  I didn’t change a thing.

It’s a shame no one else was here to enjoy them.  My son declined, claiming he was “full” from lunch, and the baby was napping.  She’d eat these.  I think even John would like them.  I just added a dab of sour cream (no greek yogurt in the house, which would work as well.)  Deeeeeelicious! I saved a few for a snack for later too.

I think after this I’m going to throw together some zucchini bread. That just seems like a rule to any zucchini harvest.

Looks tasty, right?

Looks tasty, right? And I’m guessing Mei got a hold of that zucchini at some point. Nice teeth marks!

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