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A poll!

I get to climb down off the nerdy bus today.  My last set of dishes was bought in 2001…wedding gifts.  I’ve lost a small plate, some are chipped and it’s just about time for me to retire them. I have a second set, though they don’t match, and they are older than my wedding dishes.  Mei recently broke one the bowls, which means I’m down to two.

Time for new dishes. I’m just having problems deciding what to buy!

Ready for my choices?

Sango Bordeaux – I love the two browns with just that small touch of red.

Twilight Blossom– I’m a sucker for flowered branches.  I also love the contrast.

Blossom Branch – Same with the Twilight Blossom, though I would consider buying each set.

Flora– Pretty and Colorful

Evening Blossom– This set seems classy.  Love the dark with vibrant red.

Asiana Red– Love the color, and the shape of the plates and bowls.

Elise– The gold gives it a nice unique feel.

I like all of these.  I am sort of leaning towards Sango Bordeaux, but not by much.  Flora and Elies are super pretty.  Twilight Blossom and Blossom Branch would actually go really nicely together if I decided to get two sets (which I would technically need…I am a family of five!)  Decisions are so tough!

So help me pick!  I won’t promise to pick the winner, but it’s fun to get people’s input.  Pick the one you’d pick, and leave a comment to tell me why!

[polldaddy poll=8205147]


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