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A little Moonlight Dentetsu


Straight from the manga

I figured I’d wait for at least two episodes before writing my thoughts on the new Sailor Moon Crystal. I like it a lot. It’s fast paced, more like the manga. So far, there’s no filler episodes, which is good and bad. I liked the filler episodes in the original Sailor Moon. Remember the early episode where Usagi thinks she’s fat and goes to the gym? I’m a dork and loved the episode.


Loved this part!

Sailor Moon Crystal has some pretty art. Again, it’s more manga-ish looking. It matches the more modern feel of anime these days. I’m not too crazy on the insanely thin look the girls have.  The original animation had the girls thin, but not nothing but bone…but I’m also not one to sit there and complain about a cartoon and it’s effect on girl’s body image.  If you aren’t teaching your daughters that cartoons aren’t real, you have bigger issues in life.


Some things should never change.

I’m also not as keen on the whole cgi effects either. Just not my thing, I don’t think it’s very pretty. In Sailor Mercury’s transformation, the bubbles work, I suppose. The added effect of the sound muffling like it’s under water is pretty neat too.


Luna is far too cute.

Speaking of transformations, I miss the old transformation music. And the opening…yeah, I don’t like that either. It’s just really bad cheesy, and not memorable at all like the original OP. I can’t see myself randomly singing along the way I still do the original OP. The ending is more fitting, more of a 90’s style ED feel that fits the theme of the anime.


Sailor Mercury looking quite pretty in her transformation.

That aside, everything else is good.  Like I said, I enjoy that manga feel and speed.  It’s killing me that episodes are only released every two weeks.  This is a perfect age for Lilia to start enjoying Sailor Moon, and while we watch the original together, watching something new together is actually pretty magical.


The original Sailor Mercury command!

I can appreciate the new Sailor Moon for what it is- something new, and not the original.  My philosophy  on this sort of thing is that unless it’s being butchered, and Sailor Moon Crystal is NOT a butcher, at least not yet, appreciate the fact that this is breathing life into a fandom you love. It’s going to bring a whole new generation of fans and that makes me really excited.  I’m also guessing it’s going to bring about new merchandise, and frankly…take my money Toei!!


Tuxedo Kaman to the rescue.

tl;dr? Watch Sailor Moon Crystal. Enjoy. And in between the two week torment gap, watch the older Sailor Moon episodes on Hulu or Viz, read the Manga and save your money to buy the all new DVD/Blu Ray sets, including Sailor Stars which will be released eventually for the first time in the US.

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