July 2014
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Garden progress



I’ve spent the past two days working outside, since the weather has been a little cooler, making it more comfortable. I’m really tired and really sore now, but it’s so worth it.  My veggie bed is looking decent- slow, because of delayed planting, but good.  I’ve spotted some tomatoes, zucchini and yellow squash, soon to be ripe.  I’ve got two rows of corn, planted 2 weeks apart growing, and while I did have a whole row of mammoth sunflowers, I have a jerk groundhog living in my yard.  He ate them all!  Second year in a row, too.

I only had two tomato plants, one cherry and one beefsteak.  But out of nowhere I got three random plants from last year.  Looks like a ton of tomatoes are on the horizon for us.  All of them were outside the designated garden area, so I staked two, and transplanted one, although I don’t think that’s going to work.  Sorry little tomato plant.

Crib side trellis for watermelon and cucumbers, pumpkins, rosemary

Crib side trellis for watermelon and cucumbers, pumpkins, rosemary and eggplant

It’s the first time I’ve grown eggplants.  Not sure if I will be successful, but I’m hoping.  I really wanted to grow more this year, but just didn’t get a chance with everything else going on.  Small garden is better than no garden.

I’ve also been working on my patio.  It’s going really well.  We’ve bought a ton more rock than we thought we’d need but so far it’s worth it.  The difference between the area covered with cardboard, weed mat and rock is amazingly different than the area we just left alone.  I changed my plan a bit- to give us more room I really tore up one patch of mint.  We’ll be picking up more rock tomorrow to fill that in.  There’s still a bit more to do- edge, add lighting, bar, and finish the pond, but even at this point, it’s just super nice and relaxing.  I’m planning on throwing my birthday party there with a nice fire and good friends.  I’m so excited.

More progress!

More progress!

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