July 2014
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Summer seems to be going by incredibly fast.  My birthday is in a few days, and that’s always the midpoint of summer in my mind.  It’s been a rather interesting summer.  Our area has been hit with some really hard storms, with a few nearby areas getting hit with tornadoes and microbursts.  Lots of damage, though we are unscathed (knock on wood.)  We had a plan to visit New York City, which was cancelled upon realizing that it just wasn’t going to happen with a cranky, demanding 18 month old.  We came up with an alternative plan that was kid friendlier- shopping trip, and eventually a trip to Great Escapes.  We’ve also kept busy with swimming.  My kids seem to be made of fishes.

The littlest fish

We did take a day trip to a camp in the Adirondacks, which was really nice.  We usually take a trip up for a few says to the Great Sacandaga Lake, where my husband’s grandparents had a camp before they passed away.  It’s still owned by family, who let us go up but this year there was some problems with the well, and no one could use it until August.  So this year we went to Pleasant Lake which was….quite pleasant.  The camp my father in law was staying at was really cute, and there was beach access.  The beach was nice, despite it being a windy, overcast day.  The kids still swam, with the baby staying in the water the most.  It was super relaxing, though after all the swimming and good food and drink, it was tough to ride in the car for an hour and a half afterwards.

The kids ran in the BoilerMaker 2014 Kids race this morning, and that was exhausting.  Mainly because I was running on 4 hours of sleep, and getting up a few hours earlier than normal.  Not fun, but I survived.  The kids had fun, with Liam being super shy and nervous until the buzzer went and then he sprinted to the finish line.  I didn’t even see him pass because I spotted Lilia and Dad running together and automatically assumed he was with them!

Geeky stuff will be coming- it’s just slow right now.  Growing stuff and pond stuff and Sailor Moon stuff…Geeky toys and geeky make up too.  And there’s always FFXIV.  We’re still working on Turn 7 with the static, which had a small change in members.  We got down King Moogle Mog EX (twice) and of course, there’s a ton of new content.  I’m trying to be more consistent in posting, it’s just not easy with everyone home and demanding my attention.  So I leave you with a geeky picture:

Stuffed Enterprise.  It makes sounds and lights up too.

Stuffed Enterprise. It makes sounds and lights up too.

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