June 2014
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No more rain!!

Another day of rain, another day of not doing anything.  Rain rain go away! Argh!

Pretty sunset as I caught my Marlin.

Pretty sunset as I caught my Marlin and reached level 50 Fisher.

When I first started playing FFXIV, I was terrible.  Well, I’m still terrible, but I was REALLY terrible.  I probably died every dungeon, primal and duty.  At least one, closer to a thousand times.  This was as Leolin, my BLM cat boy. Who I miss playing.  I somehow got to end game, and got carried through the HM primals.  I never wanted to do Titan HM after the first time doing it.  Then I played as Chocolate and sort of just realized what was going on around me.  I think Leolin was sort of spacey…(though to be fair, BLM is a bit harder to play imo…all that dodging, lol.) I think I relearned how to play the game “properly”.

Last night I did a trial roulette.  And I ended up in Titan HM.  To be fair, I was a tank, but still…we ended up three manning Titan HM.  Five other people died after the heart phase.  The healer used a 3LB, and they died within minutes again.  For almost 50% of the battle, it was me, a scholar and a dps.  It took forever, but somehow, we lived.  With the dead people saying things like “F*%$, we’re being schooled.”  I walked away with two commendations (The healer got mine, and deserved the majority.  I was close to dying a few times and he saved my behind.) It made me laugh so hard, because it was just so ironic that I was like that once.  New and had NO clue what I was doing.  It felt sort of good to know I had learned.  😛  I really wish I had been on the ps4 for that.  Epic win, at least for me.

Yeah, that’s all I got today…things are that slow!

Rain, rain go away…preferably to someplace that needs the rain!

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