June 2014
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Rainy days

Not my favorite color, but it's turning out really nice.

Not my favorite color, but it’s turning out really nice.  Made two tiny errors early on but hey, errors make it personalized.

It’s been chilly and raining for the past 2 days, with a promise of at least another day or two of this sucktacular weather.  It’s terrible!  All my garden work is on hold.  I’ve been trying to be “good” and not just play FFXIV all day, and instead, I broke out my knitting needles.  Nothing major, just have a rather large stash of yarn I want to use, and with these chilly days and nights, I figured a shawl would be nice.  I found a rather simple pattern, and have been just working on and off.  Rainy days are so boring.  I’m glad they are now, rather than in a few few weeks when the kids are out of school.

All this rain makes me groggy.  I’m almost tempted to nap the afternoon away.

Turn 5 is going better.  We got to twisters and dread knight, and I think once our team gets that, things will be good.  I think we’re going to adjust where I’m tanking for that third neurolink- it’s close to the middle right now, and with two melee dps (though one was a fill in), it made it harder for them to run from the dread knights.  We will do this!  Right?

Tomo and I have been enjoying the fact that you can now make a party before doing an expert and hard roulette. I’m trying my best to cap my soldiery each week, but haven’t been doing a good job of it.  So much effort! 😛  I capped my Fisher at 50, and my Dragoon is now at 35.  I’m almost regretting Dragoon because I see so many of them these days.  Ah well, it won’t be as bad as when Rogue and Ninja are available.  You know damn well all the servers will be bombarded with the new classes.

Yeah, thanks Rain, for giving me so little to talk about this week.

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