June 2014
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It was John’s birthday last week, and as usual, I threw him a small birthday party to celebrate.  Normally it’s just food and beers with our friends. This year we had some luck in that my brother-in-law and his family were in town, so we had a BBQ beforehand, letting the cousins all play together.  My kids adore their cousins, and they spent the evening running around, playing and getting int trouble.


I’m not bragging, but it was seriously delicious.

I have been in a baking mood, so I decided to try my hand at baking a cake.  A real cake, not just a single layer cake with some frosting.  Ok, so I didn’t decorate it with frosting flowers or sugar flowers…I cheated a little.  I got the recipe from Cookies and Cups.  As soon as I saw it, I was all “oooooh, must make…” but reading it, I was a bit afraid.  But hey, you only live once…if I failed, there was no cake.  No biggie, right?

I followed the recipe exactly for the cake.  For the toasted marshmallow frosting to use as a filling (and believe me, I stressed on whether or not to make it.  Was it too extravagant?   Would it be too sweet?  Would it be a huge mess to make?) I halved the recipe, and I have to say that it was a good decision. Even halving it, the filling layer was thick.  Super thick.  Deliciously thick.  And we ate some off the spoons and knives and kitchen aid paddle.  Ahem.


Mind the sloppy camera work…it wasn’t THAT uneven. (It might’ve been. No one noticed if it was, including myself.)

The cake itself is not too sweet.  It was a perfect blend with the frosting and filling.  I used my own buttercream recipe, which was pretty much identical with ingredients, I just didn’t measure.  And then despite a broken cake, and two different sized pans, I managed to put it together and make it not look like poop.  Celebrate!  It’s the first time I’ve frosted sides.  Rather troublesome, but worth it.  The streusel was tricky, I didn’t think it would work, the dough seemed too fine.  If I did it again, make better lumps and not just leave it fine.  But it worked out.  I toppled as much of it on there as possible, trying not to eat it all as I did, and voila.  Instant happy birthday cake, without revealing to the world my lack of cake decoration skill.

It was delicious.  It was praised.  I was hard pressed not to eat the entire thing myself.  I could’ve sworn I took a picture of a slice, so you could see the thick layer of toasted marshmallow goodness, but it’s not on my camera.  Or my phone.  Or the ipad.  Which means the cake was so delicious that someone ate the picture.

The evening was just as entertaining.  Friends came over, we drank, we laughed and we crawled into bed.  I didn’t even mind missing Orphan Black.  Speaking of which, I really need to go watch that after the Sony Conference at E3.  Yeah, our static cancelled tonight because of E3.  And we didn’t watch Orphan Black last night because of Game of Thrones.  This morning, I felt like my weekend was a blur.  I’m pretty sure I had a cake hangover.  The weekend was worth it.

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