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Catching up on the geeky weekend

Gimme some elixir!!

Gimme some elixir!!

It was another busy weekend for the Fat Chocobo Mom brood.  Birthday party, Retirement party, two soccer games, and date night for Fat Chocobo Mom and Dad.  I swear, I’m more exhausted after a weekend.  In fact, last night my nose stuffed up and my throat started to hurt.  It still hurts.  Someone send me an elixir!

We saw X-men: Days of Future Past.  I thought it was pretty good.  I grew up 90’s cartoon X-men, and while I read the comics, I wasn’t a collector. Too poor for that.  The movie series has been ok, from a non-comic perspective I guess.  But the movie was really good.  A few things didn’t make sense, but I won’t get into any sort of mundane review.  Just know it’s a decent flick with some pretty funny parts and some really awesome moments.

The Lala mafia..

The Lala mafia…up to no good.

Game of Thrones.  Man, I was looking forward to last night’s episode (well, dreading it too.)  It didn’t disappoint too much.  Like I joked on twitter, the episode took way too long to get to the big fight.  (Don’t read my twitter if you haven’t watched the episode, btw.  It’s spoilerific…)  But the ending was exactly how I imagined the fight between Oberyn Martell and the Mountain epic.  I won’t say much else, since I know I have friends and readers who are behind.  Hard to believe we’re close to another season ending.

After Game of Thrones, we logged into FFXIV. Still playing nightly, I admit it. Most people watch tv at night. I log into FF…this week was fairly mundane. I don’t think I did much outside of dailies and leveling my dragoon. Oh, finally got gold on Odin, Steel Reign and got another piece of Odin gear. Just need the weapon and chocobo barding. A few Leviathan runs with the static (our paladin still needed his sword, which we got) and then we jumped into Turn 5 finally.  One of our members was missing, so we got someone from our FC who has done it, but we only got to about phase 3.  The divebombs were killing us.  We were using the pit method, but somehow we were still getting hit.  I thought we were getting it towards the end, but being it was almost 1am, I was getting massively tired.

Odin gear.  Really need to be able to glamour it.

Odin gear. Really need to be able to glamour it.

I know it’s a learning thing, but it’s frustrating at times.

I haven’t touched my pond or garden since Thursday.  It’s almost 87º F out today, so I won’t get to it today (I am far too dark as it is…) Tomorrow hopefully.  I wanted to finish for someone’s birthday bash this weekend, and I’m not sure it’ll get done.  There’s just so much to get done, and I feel so busy.  Frustrated face!  And my throat is killing me. Sad face.

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