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A small rant, and a Wind up Bahamut.

Let’s go back to May 5th.  My husband ordered the Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn OST for me for Mother’s Day.  Here is the nice email confirmation.


Now, from this you’d assume I received my gift, at the latest, on the 2oth.  Well, you’d assume wrong. See, the problem is that Square uses Digital Rivers, Inc and the truth is…it’s terrible.  It has some of the worst customer service I’ve ever seen.  This is actually the second time this year I’ve had to cancel an order with them because of poor communication.

Maybe good companies have spoiled me.  When something isn’t in stock, I’m used to being notified.  When John called over the weekend to see if it was shipped, they didn’t know.  There was no apology, no nothing, other than he canceled the order, and ordered it from CD Japan.



Guess what shipped this week?  Yeah, the order from Square Enix.  So now, I have two copies of the soundtrack.  Well, one so far…because the copy from Cd Japan already arrived.  You heard me right.  The copy of Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn Original Soundtrack ordered on May 17th, shipped from Japan arrived on May 22nd.  The copy from Square Enix?  Shipped May 19, a full two weeks after it was ordered AND CANCELLED, is still in transit.  From Lino Lakes,MN.  Now, call me cynical, but this is no way to run a business.  Square Enix needs to look into the type of customer service and representation Digital Rivers is providing and realize that they are better than this.  Its customers are better than this.  

And this isn’t a one time thing.  Back February, we ordered Final Fantasy XIV, Collector’s Edition, for the PS4.  Along with a plush Tonberry.  Digitial River’s policy though, is that when something is back ordered, they don’t ship the package.  So despite it being a month in advance, and as far as I know, the plush tonberry in stock, when it went out of stock, my edition was NOT shipped for release day.  But instead of emailing us and letting us know it was out of stock, we were never notified.  We ended up buying it elsewhere and canceling the order.  Again, with NO apologies.


The dalamud lifts off on occasion.

Rant done, I can now move forward and celebrate how great the soundtrack is.  It’s a blu ray, so I popped it into my PS4, and downloaded it to my computer from there.  It’s fun to watch the visuals- a collection of video, art work, and screenshots.  It also came with a code for the Wind Up Bahamut minion, which is adorable.  You’d think that as much as I play FFXIV that I wouldn’t need the sound track, but believe me, Final Fantasy soundtracks are amongst my favorite listens.  Nobuo Uematsu is amongst my favorite composers too, and I was so glad to know he did part of the soundtrack.  Even if it wasn’t much from this soundtrack, he did most of the original FFXIV.  We met him at Anime Boston in 2010.  He was a really fantastic person, taking the time to speak to his fans, even as he signed autographs and doing it longer than what was allotted.  We played Final Fantasy music at our wedding, John and I.  I walked down the aisle to “bridge crossing” theme, played on full church organ.  Our first dance was to Eyes on Me.  We told Uematsu this, and he laughed, saying others had told him the same thing, and it made him happy.

My favorite songs on the soundtrack are the Primals, of course.  Titan, Garuda, Ifrit.  Ultima…that’s probably my favorite song in the entire game.  Good King Moogle Mog, Torn from the Heavens, Penitus, Primal Timbre.  Who can hate Battle on the Big Bridge?  Loved that they included that as a secret song.


Yeah, I was squeeing like the fan girl I am.

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