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Who needs a dryer?  Apparently me since it's been mostly rainy and cold making it impossible to keep up with laundry for 5.

Who needs a dryer? Apparently me since it’s been mostly rainy and cold making it impossible to keep up with laundry for 5.

I have a new dryer.  It seems crazy silly how excited I am to have a new dryer but my old dryer was from the 1960’s.  I kid you not.  The only setting that worked on it was “High”.  It was an adventure getting it installed.  The previous owners of the house actually jury-rigged the outlet.  We had to pay for an electrician to come in and install a new outlet.  It took two weeks for everything to get done.  In the two days I’ve had my new dryer, I’ve done over 8 loads of laundry.  Ah back up…it really didn’t help that out of 14 days, only 4 of them have been nice enough to hang my laundry out on the line.


Conversation with Mei

Mei:  Mom, I’m gonna start waking up at 7.

Me:  *Yawn* Good thing you are cute.

Mei:  Mom, it’s 8:30, time for a nurse and a nap.

Me:  It’s a good thing you are cute, kid.

Mei:  *Big smile, 45 minutes later* Hey Mom, that was a GREAT nap.

Me:  It’s a good thing you are cute, little girl.  *proceeds to cuddle for 10 minutes*

See? She’s cute. And a future gamer.

Mei’s schedule has been a bit off lately.  She’s waking up at sunrise, only taking short naps- so she’s been a bit overtired.  I’m blaming those nerves in her head making connections.  It makes for a tiring day.  The weird thing being I’m 100% okay with her getting up at 8, but 7 is becoming a killer.  It’s not helping that I get to bed late, and having sleep troubles many nights.  Oh, and she’s crying out a bit at night too.  Those growth spurts…


Level 50 Paladin

John had to take a field trip last weekend, leaving me with the three kids.  Yesterday he was super awesome and gave me a mental health day.  It wasn’t much as in getting out and doing things, but I basically spent the day playing FFXIV and chilling out with him.  He cooked, and folded all the laundry that I washed.  I reached level 50 Paladin, and started my second relic quest.  Got to and finished Ifrit HM.  Planning on doing Garuda HM and Titan HM tonight, and returning to leveling my Lancer so I can have a level 50 DPS.  And I now have every job in the game open.  I think my lowest level crafting job is 10, my lowest gatherer is 25, and my lowest job is 5.  This might be a serious addiction.

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