April 2014
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Wires! I don’t need no stinkin’ wires

My internet has temporarily gone on vacation, much to my dismay. I had planned to chill out for the day, after a few days of hardcore gardening and cleaning. No internet left me with little to do, so I cleaned more and rearranged my living room to make it more suitable for warmer weather. I find it strange that I used the days where I had all three kids home to do the most work.

Wires. I hate them. Yet with four active consoles, a cable box, and Apple TV…wires it’s a reality I have to face. And yes, I’m completely aware of how trivial it is in the grande scheme of the world.

It took all morning and most of the afternoon, but I managed to get everything cleaned and rearranged. Toys thrown out, walls washed, floors vacuumed though I do need to steam clean the rugs on a warmer day. Everything dusted. Wires hidden behind the tv stand, though it know they are there, piled and tangled…The satisfaction of a job well done. For about 5 minutes.



Mei woke from her nap, and the kids extended the adventures of Mario and Luigi to include exploring the newly arranged living room and then of course, playing a Mario game. 5 minutes of an immaculate house after hours of cleaning. And you know, it was worth it.

My kids are happy kids. When it was done, we were in the floor, tickling and wrestling. All three of my kids got hugs, and laughs, and I remembered the pure joy that my kids bring me, despite the messes. We’ll pick up before bed, and they’ll go to sleep feeling loved.

But not the wires. No love for the wires.

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