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In which I return

Mr. Resetti says no, I can't reset the week.  Such a meanie.

Mr. Resetti says no, I can’t reset the week. Such a meanie.

What a crazy week.  That was probably the worst stomach virus I ever had.  And to add to the fun, one by one the kids were struck down as well, except Lilia (fingers crossed.)  I’d like to restart the week, but only if I could have a guarantee there’s no stomach bug involved this time around.

So this week was the least amount of time I spent on Final Fantasy XIV since August (the horror!).  I didn’t even log two nights, and the other night, I logged for like 45 minutes before turning it off.  No tomes, no Crystal Tower runs, no Coil…I was feeling a bit better by Thursday night, and I was super excited to play the PS4 on Friday with early release.  Just to be cruel, Liam ended up staying home sick that day, so I didn’t get to play at all.  I let John play Friday night on the ps4, while I stuck to my poor Mac.

Side note: I’m writing this, watching Liam play the demo for The Lego movie game and I realized…my Fat Chocobo is probably in my mail in the game.  Ack!  Must.log.on.

I'm a gamer and a gardener!

I’m a gamer and a gardener!

Back to my story…but I did get a chance to play on Saturday, both in the morning and then at night.  The PS4 version is amazing.  It’s so smooth, and fast.  Things just move so fast on there, that it’s almost a different game for me.  (Case in point, John was complaining that as a healer, the computer version was almost “unplayable.”  I almost got him some cheese to go with that whine.)  Of course, I haven’t done much.  Mostly Atma farming.  I got my 8th Atma, almost 6 hours (over 3 different playing sessions) after starting it.  I was cursing.  Friday I got a Qarn roulette, though that went smoothly, and then yesterday I got Ifrit.  Ohhhh, Ifrit was so pretty on the ps4.  Oh and I got my paladin to level 40.

My only complaint on the ps4 is that text is still too small for me, and I get more of an eye strain.  I’m not above rearranging my living room to make it a cozier game experience though.  Maybe this week.  Kids are going to love me.

This week should be fun.  Easter vacation, which means all three kids home for 10 days.  John doesn’t have off either.  So the four of us, with nice weather only forecast for two days.  Rain or cold the other days.  Still, Mei is getting her first taste of warm outdoor life, I spent nearly 4 hours in the garden, with hopes of a few hours today as well.  Not being sick means I can return to spring cleaning and organizing again.

This week will involve a lot of patience, but it will be fun times.  Egg coloring, lots of games, and I’m tempted to break out an anime series to watch with the kids.  Sailor Moon, Card captor Sakura, Azumanga Daioh…I know Lilia likes the first two.  Outside on the nice days.  Oh and making the kids clean their room at some point.  Gotta show my cruel side at some point.

tl’dr? I’m so glad to be not sick!

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