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Weekend without nerdiness

Well, at least with no nerdy goodness as the primary feature.  Weekends tend to be the days we catch up on cleaning, or taking short day trips.  Or shopping.  I supposed I can only really complain about one of those things, though I think this weekend is a cleaning weekend.  So not fun.

Ommegang's Fire and Red Blood Ale.

Ommegang’s Fire and Red Blood Ale. And glasses, we can never seem to resist not buying new wine glasses…

We have a tiny little house, made tinier by being a growing 5 person family.  Kids outnumber parents and a flamethrower would by a more efficient way of keeping the tide of toys and mess at bay.  We intend on house hunting and moving sometime next year, hopefully.  So it’s become apparent that over the next year, I need to declutter, organize and prepare our house for the market.

Preparing the house is pretty clear cut.  Make repairs, paint, clean up the yard and make the gardens pretty this year.  Well, they are pretty every year.  They are rather wild though.  Three kids has made it impossible for me to keep up with weeding.  And putting in a border, adding the 100 lbs of mulch needed.

Organizing and decluttering?  Yeah, that’s the fun part.  (Sarcasm detectors on?)  Nerdy, geeky moms face the problem of tons of DVD, Blu ray and video game cases.  Box sets, books, figurines (Ok, we’re not that bad yet) on top of my substantial yarn stash, fabrics and well…a lot of crap I really need to use or get rid of.  Oh, and the most recent influx of baby clothing and furniture.

I’m not doing it all this weekend, thankfully.  Just cleaning where I can.  I might finish off the porch (aka, the winter junk room) tomorrow, with the forecast being in the 50’s.  (OMG! says this Northern girl.)  I really need to make the kids clean their room.  Trash bag time is coming, isn’t that what spring is for?

But the weekend isn’t all boring.  The PS4 FFXIV beta is open, and tonight is my night to play.  (OK, I might’ve played all afternoon yesterday, but it’s not like I did anything but atma hunting.)  And tomorrow…Season 4 of Game of Thrones.  Still tempted to make some Lemon cakes, and of course we’ll be breaking open a bottle of Ommegang’s Fire and Blood Red Ale.

And of course, it doesn’t stop for the kids.  We spent the morning watching Frozen, reading books, and watching Youtbube videos.  There’s a multi layer blanket pile on the floor, where the kids are lounging with their plush Mario friends, and Liam and Mei keep stealing the Wii U from each other.   And of course, if I clean, you can be guaranteed it’ll be music from the remastered FFX-HD OST.

tl;dr?  Even nerdy moms have to clean.  Boring!

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