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Nerdy Kids (and the trials of parenting)

My kids love youtube.  Lilia loves to watch Nerdy Nummies.  In fact, she’s really pestering me lately to make a roll up cake, or Mario cake or Nyan cat cake.  Hard to explain to a 7 year old that you aren’t really that talented.  They love to watch videos of Kinder eggs being opened, for some reason I don’t understand and the playdough toys demonstrations.   Of course, Funny Cat videos are a constant go-to, and Nyan cat used to be played several times a day for awhile there.

It’s very hard to restrict youtube, particularly on console platforms.  The kids enjoy watching so I don’t want to completely restrict the program, and yet there is so much stuff out there that “looks” like something they want to watch and then is filled with profanity.  I can’t even count the number of times I’ve made them turn something off the second an eff bomb drops.  It’s usually met with “But I want to watch it!” and as an indication of her age, Lilia has informed me she knows what bad words are, and it’s ok because she knows she’s not supposed to say them herself.  So that makes it better, at least by 7 year old logic.

Right now, Liam loves to watch this series of videos about the adventures of Mario and Luigi.  I’m not sure if they are all by the same person, I think there’s a bunch of different once.  Between the two of them and the influence of these videos, they come up with so many various exploits. I swear, they know these videos by heart now.

They also will watch this one several times a day.  It’s actually quite funny to watch them sing along, because they make up their own words that sound like the Japanese word, but it’s not quite right.  They have their own imitation dance as well, and of course, their Mario friends.

Catchy, eh?  Insanely.

Of course, the worst best one at this time is this one…a spoof of “What does the Fox say?”  They kids love it.  A hundred times a day, I swear.  It’s the type of song that gets in your head.

Now it’s easy to understand why I have so little sanity.  My dorkball children.

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