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Stormblood Music

They released the main theme for Final Fantasy XIV: StormBlood. Once again, it is done by the master, Nobuo Uematsu. Entitled “Revolutions”, I think it’s very indicative of the journey about to be undertaken by our hero, the Warrior of Light.

The video contains a lot of StormBlood footage, as well as some Heavansward spoilers.

Feeling that StormBlood hype for sure! Doesn’t help that I’ve not really played FFXIV much since my surgery, so having new content to look forward to is really nice.

A little FFXIV love

The FFXIV love is still strong. It’s a bit slow at the moment, with StormBlood coming in June. My group is still working on A12S, and making some progress. It’s fun (as fun as raids can be, lol) and I think we can eventually do it, though I’m not convinced we’ll get it done before my surgery.

Yesterday Square Enix announced a free DLC giveaway with Amazon, so of course, being a lover of FFXIV, Amazon and free things, I immediately participated. Since I already had Stormblood preordered, and FFXII, my choice was Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia or Final Fantasy VII Remake. I went with FFVII, because…well, I was shocked at myself for not having it preordered already.

It took a few tries. I entered the code Amazon sent, but had to re-enter it after SquareEnix send me an email that said “Here’s your codes” but they were blank.  Oops. It did finally work, and upon logging in, my items were waiting for me.

This was the free staff you got for your Dragoon/Lancer. It’s a power pole! The DBZ nerd in my squealed.

Here is the “Cumulus” mount, and also the clothing equipped. Hello Nimbus! I love it, it’s one of my favorite mounts now. Again, DBZ fangirl is crying in joy.

No shame, I’m proud of my nerdiness.

A11S video

Team member Takato got the video up for us.

Good first win, even if I did get sacrificed.

We tried A12S for the first time, and my initial reaction is despite echo, fuck this shit.

Alexander 11 Savage

We’ve been working on A11S for almost 5 weeks. Most weeks we do one lockout, 3 times a week. Our group is pretty good about getting together, with us only missing one or two raid nights for various reasons. It’s been a long strange lewd duty.


Video coming soon. I made the mistake of taking a screen shot first, which is not how it works on the ps4. This win comes at the price of a 3% wipe, a wipe in which I face the wrong direction during Limit Cut, only to be outdone by our cat WHM healer doing the same, and then we had the dreaded (but necessary) 1% wipe. This win, our first win, and one done without Echo (because Tomo is stubborn, and we all decided to be stubborn with him), was brought to you by sacrificing their main tank, me, at 1%.

Now we have 2 weeks to beat A12S…

Warm weather

I think I gave up trying to post in the winter. Honestly, it’s just hard, there’s nothing exciting or even worth talking about during the winter. HALP I AM TRAPPED INDOORS just doesn’t make a good post over and over again.

But the warm weather is here, and with it brings lots of things to do and talk about. Gardening! Projects! Adventures! New games! Ok, so I could’ve been talking about the games I was playing, but I was also suffering from lack of focus, which I’ll get into in a second. And the biggest thing is that I’m 22 days away from surgery.

My entire focus this winter has been getting approved for this surgery. I’ve add working out to my daily list of things to. I got my EGD done, I’ve had more appointments, and finally around mid-March, I got the green light. I’m still waiting on hearing from the insurance, but that shouldn’t be a problem (knock on wood). Ok, I admit it, I’m feeling pretty anxious that they will decline and I’m gonna have to fight them to get approved.

SO yeah, I should have more to talk about. What can I say, my life is pretty boring. Doesn’t exactly make for a riveting blog, I know.

Did I mention I’m getting a puppy in August? Deposit down, contract signed. Awwww yeah <3 If anything, I’ll just turn this blog into a FatChocoboMom’s Minion page.


There’s a nasty little stomach bug going around the house. All three kids got it, and at least one was the cause of poor FatChocoboMom having to steam clean her rugs. Ah, the joys of parenthood. I’m also on some antibiotics for an infection, which has left my stomach feeling quite queasy. Today is the worst, after taking my last pill, so I’m praying to the Gods that it’s just the pill and not whatever nasty little bug the kids brought home.

Things are proceeding well enough on the surgery path. I hit a bump when the local hospital decided to cancel my EGD and reschedule it for a month later. This puts my entire schedule behind a month, as there is little to do about it, we have to go with the flow. I’ve done everything else, including hitting my initial weight goal. Once I got into the groove of it, it wasn’t that bad.

One of the things that have helped has been protein shakes. I used to think that was just some silly muscle-head fad, but considering the doctors want me to get 80-110 grams of protein daily, it doesn’t seem so silly anymore. At first I was just drinking these shakes. Premier, which is found in Walmart, isn’t so bad. I really like the Unjury ones, and some of the Syntrax Nectar ones are really good (though a few were REALLY bad.) I also found a few various brands at the local natural store, some good, some not so good. It’s all personal though, and I would recommend trying as many as you can, but I’ve also been told your tastes change after surgery. So be prepared to experiment all over again. The only real negative I can think of is I haven’t found a good chocolate protein shake yet.  They all taste bland. However, I did find a hot chocolate that is delicious and higher in protein. It has a touch of that artificial sweetener taste, but it isn’t too bad. Having these in the house has helped me to deal with chocolate cravings. In fact, I need to order more (while I cry over the price…yeah…it’s a touch expensive.)

Seriously, an awesome blender!

Last week, Target had a sale on the Nutri Ninja Blender with Auto IQ technology. This baby is awesome! I’ve always bought cheapo blenders that I could never have green smoothies in. I made a green smoothie with spinach and kale, fairlife milk, strawberries, blueberries and a frozen banana on the first day. It was so smooth I didn’t taste the greens at all. No chunks, no grit. SMOOTH.  It was fantastic. And the kids love it too, because now FatChocoboMom can make them smoothies, one of their favorite foods.

Today, thanks to that queasy stomach, I opted to go for a liquid lunch. I thought I’d share the recipe, because I considered this one to be a success.

Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie

1 premier protein shake- Chocolate

1/2 frozen banana

6 strawberries, fresh or frozen (I used frozen.)

Put in your ninja cup, in that order. Put on blender base and hit extract.  ENJOY.

I only used 6 strawberries and it’s not strawberry enough for me. Next time, I might double it, though that adds sugar and carbs. I know a lot of people add sweetener to their smoothies- sugar, honey, agave syrup…even Splenda or stevia. I don’t feel the need, I actually have been developing a taste for more “naturally” sweet stuff. Nutritionally, this is 227 calories, 3 grams of fat, 1 gram saturated fat, 22 carbs, 5 grams of fiber, 10 grams of sugar and 30 grams of protein. This isn’t for everyone, of course. Many bariatric patients aim for ketosis, but this isn’t what the doctor proscribed for me, and with a net carb total of 17, it’s totally good for me. You just can’t beat those 30 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fiber. (Of course, adding greens would make this even more healthy, I just happened to have run out!)

MKAL fun.

Character sheet and statistics, oh my!

I gonna talk more crafts today.  Because crafts! Actually, my love of crafting has collided with my love of being a nerd, and thanks to Polycraftual, I got my hands on a really interesting knitting pattern and project. It’s called the Yarn Quest 2017, Heroes of Yarnia. It’s an MKAL (Mystery Knit-a-long), in the form of an RPG game. I would say this is not for the absolute beginner knitter, although if you have someone to help you, you could be ok. You need to know how to knit, and purl. It’s double knit, and read from charts, so experience or knowing how to read one is a good thing. Don’t be like me, which is to read the chart from the top down. Because that’s how I roll. And frog. And roll again, anf frog until I slap myself a few times yelling “Get it together, FatChocoboMom!!” until I read the chart right. However, if you’re determined, you could get it done. There are a lot of videos on youtube you can use to help as well.

It will a long project. I started a few weeks ago, and let’s just say, there was many many frogs until I found my groove. Working with fingering yarn is one of those reasons I don’t do light lacy things. Nimble fingers I do not have!  But after about…a couple dozen tries, I finally got going properly, and now it’s just a matter of following the chart precisely.  It’s slow going, I try to do a few rows a day. I’m rotating between my crochet squares, and this, as well as another double knit scarf for my husband.

Currently, I’m still on clue 1. There’s a number of different parts to each clue, adding up to like…50 rows (give or take, I haven’t actually counted yet.) Each chart is determined by the roll of the dice. You even get a character sheet with stats and items and all the other good stuff a RPG game offers, as well as companion sheet. I’m in nerd heaven here. I’m very excited to actually get past part 1 though, just because I feel like I’ve been working on it for weeks now. I’ve only printed out the first clue because there’s so many charts with each clue that it seemed overwhelming to print them all at once (at least the ones that were out. There was 3 clues out by the time I joined. I think there’s 5 now.)

Despite the fact that I have two very large double knit scarves to work on, my brain is looking at other MKAL’s and crying it wants to do them too. I think we knitters and crocheters might have problems with our brains. Either that, or our fingers which cannot keep up with our brains. I will stay strong, and stick to the projects I’m currently working on. NO new ones. 😛  It’s a good thing that this KAL keeps you guessing and the pattern changes frequently enough to keep me engaged. Time to fight my dragon though!

Crafting good times

Square 1- Fantastic!

I’ve been knitting and crocheting a lot again. After taking some time off from squares, I started the 2017 Moogly CAL, despite not finishing the 2015 one. I only have a few square left of that one, and I thought maybe I’d just do a few squares I really liked towards the end of 2017, and then piece both blankets together at the same time. Of course, I have to actually do the squares this time around. Like…all of them this time.

I went with a purple color scheme this time around, though I have another idea, depending on my mood. I used a light purple, and a dark purple, as well as black and gray. I wanted a silver, but couldn’t find a good silver in the same weight (at least, not without having to order it online. I was much too impatient to do that.) I’ll probably piece them together in a white. I used Loops and Threads Impeccable in Amethyst, Lavender, Black and True Grey.

Square 2- Danyel’s Square

So far, the squares have been relatively easy, which I’m thankful for. Too complicated, and it starts to be less fun, unless I happen to be in the mood for a challenge. FatChocoboMom is in full blown laziness mode.I’m happy with how each turned out, particularly the second one. They both need a little blocking though.

This year, I plan to do more crafting. While this primarily means knitting and crochet, I’ve also expanded to learning to sketch and paint. Polycraftual does her best to influence me and make me fall in love with other crafts as well, so I should have plenty to do. In fact, I created a small project 50-style community on facebook (shameless plug?!) for sharing and talking crafts. While not everyone has accepted the challenge of making 50 crafts this year, it’s still a good place to showcase your projects.



The trouble with the Square Enix Store

This is what I wanted. This is what I ordered. On October 25th. Unlike previous orders, wherein the money was deducted when the product was actually shipped, the money was taken right away.


December 7th. Notification of shipping.  YAY!

Even at this moment, the shipping tracking says the same thing. “A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status–including the scheduled delivery date–will be updated.”

We waited. Patiently. Hoping maybe it was just an error, that my book was on it’s way. Christmas goes by. New Years. Finally we try to contact the Square Enix store.

There’s no number. Only email.

Fine. Email them. Less than 24 hours later, my order is cancelled. Refunded, yes, but cancelling was NOT what I wanted done. I wanted my book.

Email 1.

Dear Shannon,

Following your instructions, we have cancelled and refunded this order #######. You should receive returned funds within 7 business days.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate contacting us.

The Square Enix Team


Email 2.

Jane D.(Square Enix US Online Store Support)

Jan 6, 09:22 CET

Dear Shannon,

Thank you for contacting the Square Enix NA Online Store Support.

It seems it was a shipping issue. As we run out of stock for this product, I will proceed with the refund.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


The Square Enix NA Online Store Team

OMFG. Ok, “Jane”, if that is your real name which we KNOW it’s NOT, Shinji (It’s a Shinji, I just know it because only Shinji would suck this much.) This is NOT an explanation. And it’s poor Engrish. Shipping issue? Well duh, it’s obvious IT WAS NEVER SHIPPED. How about having a way to contact you that involves talking? So I can say “well if there is more in stock (there’s still a waiting list on the site.) just hold my order and make it one of the first to ship.” Cause damn it, I still want my damn book.

This is not the first time that the Square Enix store has messed things up. There’s the fact that shipping is horrendous. There’s the fact that if you pre order something, and order something else at the same time, they don’t ship until the pre order comes out! OH AND THEY DON’T HOLD THAT SOMETHING ELSE THAT WAS IN STOCK AT THE TIME SO WHEN THE PREORDER IS RELEASED, THEY’VE SOLD OUT OF THE FIRST ITEM.

*Deep breaths* I know this is not important. Not truly important. #firstworldproblems and all. But it is super annoying that some American hack in Japan can set up a first rate site so people can order candy, porn games and other Japanese novelties, while a huge, prominent video game company cannot make a decent online store.  It’s 2017 Square Enix. Get your asses together and stop fucking your customers.

And give me my damn book.

Horrible terrible death

We attempted Palace of the Dead last night.  We started at floor 170.  We made it through the Chimera hell of floors 180-189.  Then we fought the GodFather. Without being 100% sure of what to do.

We died a terrible and horrible death.  Because of rookie mistakes.

Don’t hit the lava bomb away from the GodFather.  Only the healer hits it.  TOWARDS the Godfather.

Holmgang, Choco.  BEFORE massive burst.  And if not holmgang…run to Tomo.  Away from the Godfather.  To give Tomo a chance to heal your little butt before the Godfather punches you again.

Don’t run into the little balls when they are exploding.

Kill the remedy bomb.

Oh god, I have PTSD.

Back to floor 50 on Sunday.